Dogs and kids have a lot in common. They both need love and care to survive.

The thing is: you can have a couple of dogs in your life but for a dog which doesn’t have that many years – you are its whole life. So whether you bought or adopted your little rover… here’s how to take care of your pet to make sure each day you spend with it is filled with health and happiness.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. How to take care of your pet to make sure it is happy and healthy?

1. Give Regular Baths

Dogs need to bathe regularly like us. This isn’t only to get rid of the stinky dog smell, it’s also important for your dog’s health. Dogs can also suffer skin conditions that affect us, humans, like dry skin, allergies, and skin disease. Bathing regularly prevents ticks, fleas, and hear worms from taking refuge in your dog’s fur and skin.

2. Feed Healthy Dog Food

Dogs need to be fed a nutritious balanced diet to keep them healthy. Many kinds of commercial dog food available today fall short in giving proper nutrition. Pets need protein from meat, eggs, and dairy. They also need a good amount of healthy fats and carbohydrates from grain or vegetables.

Dogs that have health problems may need a special kind of diet, which you can create with the right knowledge and some help from pet nutrition experts.

3. Attach an I.D. The tag on Your Pet’s Collar

Collars with your identification attached can help save your pooch if ever he gets lost. As a pet guardian, it’s one of your responsibilities to take care of your pet and always make sure it is secured and safe in your home. If the dog has a collar with your address and phone number, it’s easier for people to bring your dog if ever it goes missing.

4. Create a Dog Safe Home

Curiosity is an innate dog nature. While it’s often silly to find our dogs getting tangled up in their own mess, sometimes it can have disastrous consequences. To avoid these from happening, try to create a safe home for your dog. Always check household items or appliances that may cause danger to your dog’s health.

5. Give Your Pooch Proper Bedding

While it may look like your dog can sleep anywhere, proper bedding can actually provide more warmth and support for your dog. When dogs have their own beds or spaces made just for them – they’ll feel more secure. Some dogs will prefer a rectangular or donut-shaped bed.

You can determine its preference by studying how it sleeps. If he curls up more during sleep, it’s more likely that he’ll feel more comfortable with donut-shaped bedding.

6. Get Your Pet a Health Insurance

Accidents can happen anytime! Make sure you’re well prepared by getting your own pet health insurance. This will save you the trouble of meeting the cost of expensive veterinary treatments during times of an accident.

7. Schedule Annual Vet Visits

Make sure your vet visits are scheduled every year. Since pets don’t age as we do, it’s important to never miss these annual checkups. Remember one human year equals seven dog years, and seven years without seeing the vet can be dangerous. It’s important to get your dog’s health checked so that serious illness will be detected early on.

How to look after your pet to make sure it is happy and healthy

Dogs may not be lifelong companions, but for the short while that they’re with us, they are able to give us joy and love like a real family member.



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