How to Make Your Own Mosquito Spray

///How to Make Your Own Mosquito Spray

Make Your Own Mosquito Spray

If you live in those tropical areas then you must have experienced those painful mosquito bites.

Not only are they painful but they are also very dangerous in the sense that they can spread malaria-which can be very deadly.  This article will give you an eye opener as we look at a way you make your own mosquito spray at home! Right, you got it correct in that this is something you can do easily if you are that type of a person who loves experimenting.

What do You Need?

  • Citronella
  • Lemongrass
  • Lavender/Tea tree Oil/Geranium Oil
  • A spray Bottle
  • A glass jar
  • A bottle of witch Hazel (14 Oz).
  • A Funnel

How to Prepare

  • Clean the apparatus and mix the ingredients in a jar

The first you should do before preparing the spray is to make sure the glass jar and the funnel you will be using are cleaned. Then, you should pour about 14 Oz of witch hazel into the glass jar followed by the essential oils (15 drops in the case of citronella and lemon grass and about 12 drops for lavender). The essential oils in this case refer to citronella, lavender and lemongrass or whatever you picked as your oils. Peppermint and cedar wood can also form a perfect combo of essential oils just in case you decide on using them.

The next task would be to seal the jar and shake the mixture vigorously for some time.  The resulting mixture should be somehow cloudy in appearance.

Now that it is ready, it is time to store your mixture in that spray bottle. You will use the funnel to pour the mixture from the glass jar into the spray bottle.

  • Label the Jar

Remember to label the jar for the purposes of identification. This is particularly important if you happen to have a lot of bottles around that could prove confusing in the future. Any identifiable sticker with the name mosquito spray for example, would be very good idea for this purpose.

How to Use the Mosquito Spray?

The mosquito spray is now ready to use-it can be sprayed on your feet, arms, neck, ankles and many other parts but not in the face-the spray can also be sprayed areas around you.

Please Note:

  • In case you want to spray it on young kids, make sure that they are not allergic to the spray. You can ascertain this by first spraying on them and checking if they react in any abnormal way.
  • The spray has not been confirmed to prevent diseases spread by mosquitoes. In case you live in areas where such illnesses are prone, then you should try other products.


By Egline J.

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