Most people don’t really fancy black garlic. As a matter of fact, many perceive it as burnt or made from additives and preservatives.

Well, this is not the case! Black garlic is made from fermented bulbs of fresh garlic in a humidity controlled environment.

The whole process is not mainly as a result of fermentation as there are some microbial metabolism and chemical reaction involved to pave way for the dark color and the taste.

Many can’t deny that they came to know black garlic as a superfood after its appearance on reality TV chef programs like “Top Chef” and “Iron Chef”. Well, shows aside, there are lots of reasons why black garlic has got be on your menu.

Why Should You Take Black Garlic?

Besides the fact that black garlic is a super food, it has a ton of health benefits. It is a pack of antioxidants like the raw garlic but more powerful as the fermentation doubles its antioxidants. The following are some of the reasons why you should have it included in your diet:

1. Treat Type 2 Diabetes

Those who have been diagnosed with the disease know that this can be a very humiliating disease due to the effects of oxidative stress. If not controlled, it may lead to kidney and heart diseases, nerve damage and sight challenges which can even lead to blindness.

The antioxidants in the black garlic relieve the effects of the oxidative stress yielded from the blood sugar and this can help to reduce the chances of developing complications related to diabetes.

2. Improve Cholesterol Levels

As much as some level of cholesterol is good, there is a need to monitor the cholesterol levels to reduce the chances of developing heart conditions, stroke and premature death. This is where black garlic comes in by offering greater benefits for supporting the heart compared to raw garlic.

3. Allergic Relief

Did you know that skin allergy and other kinds of allergies can be relieved by black garlic? They work by turning off the genes that cause inflammation and allergic condition. They will also boost your immune system keeping in mind that they are full of antioxidants.

4. It Heals the Liver

Most liver complications caused by alcohol yield from the oxidative stress that accumulates as the liver breaks down the alcohol. The damaged cells can cause inflammation and scars over time. Luckily, it has been found that this process by black garlic which reduces inflammation and liver damage.

How to serve black garlic

Black garlic can be served with a number of recipes. This may include smearing it onto the chicken before baking it. You can also use it with pepper and kale. It is a great ingredient to most meals and is easy to use. Some chefs serve it with lamb yogurt and shellfish dishes.


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