The Treehouse of the Future: Amazing Cylindrical Glass House Can Be Built Around a Living Tree

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Treehouse of the future- Cylindrical Glass House

As children, many of us enjoyed the adventure and freedom of a treehouse.

If you weren’t that lucky, then you missed out on something special. As adults, we are now living in structured homes, houses that must live up to codes and sanctions. This has taken the fun out of having your own space.

What if we could have a modern home, but with the adventure of the treehouse? Well, maybe we can!

The Imagine House

Aibek Almassov, a Kazakh architect, has the idea that grownups can have a treehouse like they did as a child. Well, actually it’s a tree surrounded by a house. It’s a little different, but it does add a unique flare to growing up. It’s an adventure, it sure is, and the only thing standing in the way of this idea becoming a reality is the right investors. After all, innovation and remarkable creations take money to work efficiently, wouldn’t you say?

Almassov found one investor in 2013, completed part of the structure, but then backed out. Almassov just didn’t know for certain if the project would ever be completed.

Let’s imagine it, shall we.

In his dreams, Almassov imagines the tree house to be a cylindrical structure, providing a 360-degree view of the outside surroundings. The idea is to create an escape from the concrete jungle of the city. But Almassov’s structure is not limited to one region. The structure can be built in almost any location.

Almassov’s treehouse will be a rare idea in the world of architecture. The entire building will be transparent, even the balustrades, which supports the structure around the tree. The top floors, of the four-floor palace, will rise above the tree canopy, providing a breath-taking view of the woods. These floors will be narrow ring shapes surrounded by a spiraling staircase which runs along the glass walls.

Almassov says,

“Climbing these stairs will be like spiritual enlightenment, harmonizing with the environment.”

Although the floor space will be minimal, the home’s elegance will be more than enough to make up for that lost space. Also in Almassov’s designs, we can see a shower cubicle and free standing furniture designed for the cylindrical shape of the tree house. Wow! We would have loved to have this as children.

Recently, a glass and solar panel manufacturer was found. This gives hope and life to Almassov’s ideas. Photo-realistic drawings were completed by Almaty-based A. Masow Architects which show the specifics of the design. These illustrations show the Imaginehouse, as the idea is named, sitting upon the hills of Kazakhstan.

Will Almassov’s dreams finally come true?

Almassov told Dezeen,

“It’s not so difficult to build it. The problem is to find the right investors.”


It seems this idea isn’t so unique after all.

Unfortunately, there are obstacles that must be removed and factors that have to be considered. Many people, hearing of the Imaginehouse idea, have asked questions regarding the feasibility of the structure. How will the tree survive the inside environment of the home? How will clean-up be when leaves start falling within your living room and dining area? When the tree dies, how will you remove it from the home? These questions only graze the surface of the concerns for the new design.

We just have to wait and see what happens. It was an interesting idea after all! Other structures have been completed in areas such as Israel and the UK. So, there’s still hope for Almassov’s creation. Keep the creative juices flowing, oh boundless dreamer.  We don’t mind!

By Sherrie H.


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  1. Kimberley A Harris March 29, 2016 at 9:52 pm - Reply

    Sounds nice but I might get claustaphobic the way this is made.

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