Hexo+ : A Fantastic Autonomous Flying Camera

//Hexo+ : A Fantastic Autonomous Flying Camera

Xavier de Le Rue, a world-renowned snowboarder, and co-founder of Hexo+, designed this drone.

Hexo+ can track you autonomously and ensure you are in the shot. You can choose the angle you that you wanted to be captured from close up, medium shot, front, side or above.

This innovative flying camera has been designed in a user-friendly way that you don’t have to know how to fly a drone because it takes off, lands and flies on its own.

It’s able to go a fair distance away with 200-foot following range.

Hexo+ drone is all controlled via an app (available for Android and Apple). The app has a simple design and has the functions for you to set up your own shoot, select your frame and review footage. All these make filming easy and fun.

Hexo+ has become successful via its Kickstarter campaign and it raised around 8 million pounds. Compared to its competitors, Hexo+ has 6 rotors allowing the drone to travel up to speeds of 45 mph.

Meanwhile, it comes with a GoPro mount to attach your GoPro, which will be able to film and take pictures. But there is not a GoPro included.

There will be more information after Hexo+ is fully released. Enjoy the video!

Learn more about Hexo+’s pre-order at hexoplus.com


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