New Study Reveals the Real Reason Why Women Fall for the Bad Guys

///New Study Reveals the Real Reason Why Women Fall for the Bad Guys

Study Reveals Reason Why Women Fall Bad Guys

What’s the psychology behind why women fall for the Bad Guys?

We have all had the conversations with our girlfriends about falling for the bad guys, time after time. We want to try to change the bad boy into someone worthy of a relationship. We discuss how we knew they were the wrong man, but pursued them anyway. We will always realize by the time it’s too late and we have fallen too deep and yet ask ourselves “what was I thinking.”

We can actually blame our brain for this type of attraction, according to a study of 2,000 female volunteers that was undertaken by a group of psychologists Carter, Campbell, and Muncer, there are a set of qualities found in these type of men that are desirable to us. Known as The Dark Triad, these three qualities Machiavellian-ism, psychopathy, and narcissism, are seen by women to be attractive in a man.  These kinds of qualities entice women to further explore despite knowing that we shouldn’t. Ever thought about how the mean, unpleasant girls at school were the most popular, and vampires are always extremely attractive.

Features of these types of qualities

Narcissistic men are very good at building up an attractive image of themselves and their life that we can’t quite resists.

Machiavellianian men are superb at the art of flirting. This type of man knows that seduction cannot take place if there is not a build-up of innuendo and unconcealed intent. This type of seduction stems from the reproductive goals of men and women (women looking to find a suitable mate and a man looking to mate with whatever he can).

Psychopathic men bring a quality to the dating table that women do find irresistible and that quality is fearlessness. When a woman rejects a psychopath, they don’t actually care all that much. So they can pursue women with no regard if they are rejected or not. This gives off an element of arrogance, which is very attractive to many women.

The results of the study.

During the study, women were shown a range of men’s faces in pairs, these pictures were computer-simulated pictures. One of the faces had more Dark Triad qualities than the other. Dishonest features were linked with Machiavellianism, masculine was linked to narcissism and aggressive was linked to psychopathic tendencies.

Women often find themselves thinking good looks and a riveting personality go hand in hand with charm and decency, which as many of us know, does not actually turn out to be true.

We really shouldn’t assume because a man is attractive, he, therefore, will be a good man. This assumption is known as the halo effect when we assume that because someone is physically attractive to look at, they will automatically be kind, intelligent and warm.

However all is not lost, despite us being attracted to these types of men, we also soon realize our error. Relationships are part of a learning curve, so even if we make these mistakes, there are simply bumps on the road towards a healthy relationship.

Have you ever felt attraction for bad guys? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

By Holly W.

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New Study Reveals the Real Reason Why Women Fall for the Bad Guys

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