Do you know what physical traits women are more attracted to? Science finally gives the answer!

Personality is key if a relationship is to last long term however there are certain physical traits that a woman will judge a man by before she will go on a date with him.

1. Facial hair

A study undertaken in Australia concluded that men who have facial hair, even just stubble, were more attractive to women than men clean-shaven. It is believed women connect facial hair with masculinity and dominance.

2. A muscular man

This one is all related to fertility and reproduction. Men who have a muscular build were discovered to have more sexual partners and therefore have strong healthy genes to pass on to their children. Women also apparently enjoy looking at a muscular body.

3. Men who wear red

The importance of the color red has been in existence since the Romans when the most powerful citizens were called “the ones who wear red”. Women are more attracted to men who wear red as they see it as a symbol of power.

This is because around the world red has been linked to the rich and the powerful. Ancient China, Japan, sub-Saharan Africa all used red to convey wealth and elevated status.

4. Symmetrical Features

Women find a man with symmetrical features very agreeable. Again this is down to our basic instincts of finding a healthy mate to procreate with. An asymmetrical face indicates good health.

A lopsided face is thought to be linked to poor development in the womb with generally poor health, bad DNA and perhaps alcohol and tobacco use.

5. A Prominent Jawline

Testosterone controls bone structure. So the more a man’s jawline is defined the more masculine he will appear and this makes him more attractive to the opposite sex. A prominent jawline is particularly attractive to an ovulating woman

6. A Deep Voice

Testosterone also controls how deep a man’s voice is. So the deeper the voice the healthier and more masculine the man is. Women apparently find men with deep voices more memorable.

However, one study showed that women believe that men with deep voices are much more likely to cheat.

7. The Limbal Ring in the Eye

This limbal ring is located in the eye, and it surrounds the iris. A dark and pronounced limbal ring is apparently a reflection of youth, which is a desirable quality if you are looking to reproduce.

This would explain why blue and green-eyed men are more attractive to women because it is easier to see their limbal ring that someone with brown eyes. In Japan, schoolgirls wear limbal ring contact lenses to make their eyes look bigger and their limbal rings more defined.

8. Tall Men

Ask any woman what she looks for in a man and height will ironically be at the top. The taller the man, the more attractive he is according to a number of studies that have been undertaken.

One study found that taller men are most successful at procreating, men without children are on average 1.2 inches shorter than men with children.

So bear these physical traits in mind before you go on your next date.



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