What Plastic Pollution Is Doing to Our Planet and 10 Practical Ways We Can Stop It

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If you are reading this then it stands to reason that you are concerned about plastic pollution and what it is doing to our planet. You might have seen video clips of scuba divers, battling their way through tonnes of plastic waste in the oceans. Or you may have read about the enormous swathe of plastic waste now floating in the Pacific Ocean. If you haven’t heard of it it’s called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and it contains 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic waste.


Electronic Waste: Where Does it All End Up? – Infographic

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How much e-waste or e-scrap we are wasting every year? The answer is 20 to 50 million metric tons of electronic waste, and we only recycle the 10% to 18% worldwide. Some of the most used electronics that are usually replaced are television, printers, portable devices like cellphones, USB, and music players. Although electronic waste is the fastest-growing portion of the municipal waste stream, because they are full of valuable resources, including silver, gold, titanium, fossil fuels, aluminum, iron, tin, copper and much more. Many


Simple Tips to Reduce Food Waste in Your Home

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Reducing food waste in your home is one of the best things you can do to minimize the effect you have on the environment. It will not only mean that overall less food needs to be produced, reducing the carbon footprint of food manufacturing as well as reducing other negative environmental side-effects of food production, but it would also mean less is going in the bin at the other end, not only better for the environment but better for your bank balance! Reducing food waste


Look for Restaurants that are Certified for Recovering Waste and Feeding Hungry Locals

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Looking for certified for recovering waste restaurants? A new certification program launched by the Food Recovery Network encourages people to think about where leftover food ends up. Many of us think about the source of our food – where and how it’s grown, and by whom – but much less thought is given to where it goes once we’ve eaten our fill. At home, leftovers may get eaten, composted, or forgotten in the back of the fridge, but in restaurants, food simply disappears from the