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Ruth has a diverse background in writing and film production. She holds a bachelor's degree in English Literature from the Goldsmiths, University of London and a master of arts degree in Documentary Film from the University of Sussex. Ruth has written plays, magazine articles, and TV scripts. She has a passion for the arts and healthy living. She is currently working on a project about cycling and storytelling.

How to Make a Face Mask for Acne: 5 Recipes That Really Work

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Having acne can really get you down, I know because I’ve been there. I’ve tried countless ways to make a face mask for acne and can confidently say that this roundup of recipes is the best that I’ve found to date. Better yet, most of these face masks for acne can be made using ingredients you can find in your kitchen cupboard. Here are five recipes to make your own face mask for acne:  1. Cucumber and Yoghurt Face Mask Even though cucumbers are made up

6 Reasons Why Most People Are Afraid of Love: Are You?

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Philophobia, or the state of being afraid of love, originates from the Greek word “Φίλος” which means ‘loving or beloved’. People who suffer from this phobia fear romantic love and emotional attachments of any sort. Whilst this condition may sound rare, a lot of people are afraid of love, even if they don’t recognize it in themselves. There can be many complex reasons why people are afraid of love, but there are also some common patterns we can observe. 1. It sparks painful memories from previous