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The US Government Finally Admits Medical Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells

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There is no better irony in a story than that of a recent move by the federal government to commission a group of scientists to prove that medical marijuana had no health benefits only to be proven otherwise! Does it mean that the goverment now admits that medical marijuana kills cancer cells? The scientists from St. George's University of London did a very critical analysis of CBD (cannabidiol) and THC

How to Fight Cancer With a Mixture of Lemon and Baking Soda-Better than Chemotherapy

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We all know that cancer is becoming the most feared disease in the world with many patients succumbing to various forms of cancer each year. Finding a solution for such a disaster has been compared to searching for a needle in a haystack, but still, I must say, there is hope! Okay, that may sound too overambitious till you read on this new discovery that is bound to change your

This Exotic Fruit Kills Cancer Cells and Treats Diabetes!

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Nature holds the key to cure many ailments. We see remedies from around the world curing illnesses and saving lives – nuts, berries and even fruit juices have amazing effects on the human body. This is a refreshing change from what has become traditional medicines and reducing patients to chemotherapy and radiation for treatment. One of the latest natural discoveries in health is the discovery of Bitter Melon as a

The Top 7 Natural Cures for Cancer Revealed

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Most of the alternative remedies that are effective with cancer are not as profitable or even patentable since they're not novel. And practitioners who practice other remedies are in peril from federal and state agencies, the FDA and the American Medical Association (AMA), who intend to maintain their medical monopoly no matter how safe and effective other methods are. Here are seven major leads to the many empirically proven natural

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