We hear about men cheating all the time, but we don’t hear as much about why women cheat. I think that’s very odd.

It’s true, we hear so many stories about men and how they cheat on their loving wives. So many of us women even start calling men “dogs” and labeling them all as cheaters. But to be fair, there are probably just as many women who cheat. It’s true, women also step outside the marriage and have flings and even full-fledged affairs.

Do we really know why women cheat?

There’s not just one reason women cheat. Just like a man, she can try and justify herself in many different ways. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that even the happiest marriages are susceptible to cheating, and this really doesn’t make sense to me. So, why?

Why do women defile their relationships?

1. Some women secretly want an open marriage

There are many couples who have open marriages, but the point is, they are both consensual parties to this agreement. They have set rules and boundaries that they do not cross. But, in some marriages, the agreement was monogamy only, yet one partner keeps thinking about an open relationship.

Sometimes, many times, this is the female partner. If she thinks about it long enough, she may be prone to cheat. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her husband. It just means she either really wasn’t wanting to be monogamous or overtime, she grew curious about other lifestyles.

Either way, if the other partner doesn’t consent, it’s still cheating.

2. They are not satisfied intimately

Women, just like men, enjoy sex. If intimacy is not enjoyable to them, they may choose to seek it elsewhere. Sometimes, they feel they’re not getting enough intimacy for whatever reason, and this may also cause them to look for sexual activity with someone outside the marriage or relationship.

If a partner is not willing to listen to the female and understand her needs in this area, she may also cheat.

3. They cheat for fulfillment

If a woman feels as though she is doing everything for everyone, she may become overwhelmed. Maybe it’s taking care of children, or doing things for her husband, but either way, these things can grow to a proportion that can’t be handled.

At the end of the day, she may feel extremely unvalidated. She may, in turn, seek gratification and fulfillment from someone who doesn’t add stress to her life. Although this is not a solution, and oftentimes just adds to more issues and lies, many women feel they have to do it.

4. No love

This is the most powerful motivation for a woman to cheat. If she feels she no longer loves her husband or feels like the relationship has grown cold, she may seek out that feeling of love elsewhere. This usually starts the ongoing affair.

Even if she realizes that she was wrong, and does love her husband, after all, it will be hard to stop the relationship with the other person. When women cheat, for this reason, they have the most complicated situation, and it’s extremely difficult to sort out in order to mend the marriage. Whether she confesses or not, it still may be hard to heal.

5. Situational affairs

Unfortunately, some women who would never otherwise cheat, find themselves in a compromising position when their living situations change. These can be many changes including vacations away from their spouse, business trips, or even landmark birthdays, like “end of decade” types birthdays.

If the situation puts them away from home, and alcohol is involved, they could make the mistake of an affair, which some see as partly accident. However, if you’re about to turn 40 and you’re unsure of the meaning in your life, you may also cheat, which is no accident at all. It all depends on the situation.

6. Revenge

If you think or know that your spouse has cheated, you will initially be hurt. Over time, you may feel the need to do the same thing out of vengeance. No, this is never the right thing to do, but it’s so often the case. A woman may feel like she’s done nothing wrong if she is only doing the same thing that was done to her.

7. Variety

Believe it or not, some women cheat for the simple desire to have more variety in their lives. They are so used to the same lifestyle, the same man and the same intimate routine. While they may love their spouse, they sill have this great urge to try out other options. Yes, it’s as cold as it sounds.

Cheating is never a good option

No matter who does it, man or woman, cheating is never a good idea. Learning why women cheat helps us understand the other side of the coin, and maybe gives us a few reasons why we should choose to be loyal. There is also a misconception about infidelity.

Some think cheating is only a physical act, while others think cheating is watching porn, chatting online or flirting. Then there are mixtures of these, depending on the boundaries that have been set by the couple.

Basically, to leave you with a little insight, anything that you feel needs to be hidden from your spouse, you probably shouldn’t be doing it…that is, except for surprise birthdays and such.

But you get the picture. So, even though some men do cheat, never be under the impression that women do not. This is unfair and can even keep some people from having a chance at a healthy relationship.

Let’s stay non-judgmental about these things.


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