It’s easier for us to assume that everyone knows why recycling is important. Still, there is overwhelming statistics that indicate it’s not true.

You would think by now, everyone would be on top of their recycling game. After all, we have been talking about it for well over 50 years. Rather than bore you with another list of ways to recycle, we want to focus on why recycling is important.

It Isn’t Always Throwing Things into Piles

Which is the number one reason why even those folks who understand why recycling is important don’t recycle? It is that they feel overwhelmed with the separating of trash. A change in routine often triggers concerns that we will forget or not remember.

Or that it simply will be more work than it used to be. Before stressing yourself over separating trash, there are other ways to recycle. We can start by taking care of the items we have.

When we purchase furniture or appliances, we expect them to be there for a while. It has become an unfortunate trend to get rid of furniture and appliances at the first sign of wear and tear.

These items might find their way to a yard sale or online ad to sell. In some cases, they find their way to a thrift store so that someone else can take them home. It is alarming to learn that many items that are perfectly functional or need some minor repairs are making their way to the landfills.

The bottom line, we should be taking care of our items rather than quickly disposing of them and replacing them. When we take care of them, we save money because routine maintenance means they will last a long time.

Even in business, managers make sure the maintenance team is watching over their equipment. By utilizing wear technology, they will spend less money on equipment and keep their company running smoothly and without days lost because of a breakdown.

This also keeps heavy machinery out of the landfills for as long as possible. That same machinery should be broken down into parts for later use once the machine is no longer functional.

Furniture, Appliances, and Machinery Last a Long Time

While some of our garbage is biodegradable and will be gone in as little as 2 months, it’s not true for a lot of our trash.

Furniture, appliances, and machinery can sit for decades before decomposing. Since they aren’t always constructed out of natural components, they can cause serious contamination issues in our land and make their way to our water sources.

There have been major efforts to recycle appliances, machinery, and automobiles before they hit any landfills. Parts can be reused in other comparable vehicles and rubber can certainly be reused.

Furniture can be broken down and refurbished into new pieces for use in the home. There are lots of ways to keep these items out of the landfill!

This probably the main reason why recycling is important – it is more than just our daily trash, it’s about being conscious of what happens to the things we throw away. It has become too easy to put something on a curb and let someone else pick it up. Then we think nothing more of it.

Earlier settlers to this land were careful with their items and naturally recycled items to get the most use out of their belongings. Since they grew their own food, dinner scraps were composted.

Clothing would be mended as much as possible before used in other ways. If farm equipment broke down and beyond repair, it was used for parts of the replacement machine to keep that one running even longer.

So whether you need to dispose of old tools, clothes, or furniture, it is vital that you do your best to pass it on rather than sending it to the landfill.


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