Thanks largely to the internet, it’s possible to find customers in all sorts of niches worldwide. For this reason, various business ideas have been implemented to cater for them, no matter how weird they may seem.

It’s reached the point where certain quirky businesses are serving very specific needs – and not just for the occasional customer either.

The following business ideas are indeed a reality, as weird as they may seem:

Rent a chicken

You may fancy the idea of keeping hens to lay eggs and provide breakfast. But maybe you’re not sure you can cope with the daily feeding, clearing up droppings and the noise? Don’t worry, there’s a solution available right here on the internet.

What if you could have a trial run to see how you get on? That’s exactly what ‘rent a chicken’ businesses offer: the chance to try out keeping hens for a period to see if it’s something you might stick to or prefer to abandon.

It means you’ll get a real insight into if you can manage to take them on the long term. So you don’t have to worry about rehoming your clucking friends if it doesn’t work out.

Hen hire businesses also help schools who wish to educate pupils on how to look after animals.

Smashing plates

Ever felt the urge to throw some crockery at the wall when your favorite team loses or you’ve had a frustrating day at work?

If so (and you live in Japan), a Tokyo company has come up with a way of venting anger whilst keeping your stock of plates intact. You simply go into their premises, buy a plate or cup of your choosing, and throw it violently against the wall. While you’re at it, you can stamp your feet and use some industrial language if you like.

You’ll be able to get your frustration out in a healthy manner without ruining your mum’s best china, which we’re sure she will appreciate. While the original may be located in Tokyo, there are so-called rage rooms based both in the UK and USA too.

Hangover helpers

For those who overdid it the night before at their party, the idea of summoning up the will and energy to even grab something to eat or try a few hangover remedies, much less clear up the house, might be too much to bear.

Two young men in Colorado can help. They’ll come round with a breakfast burrito and a rehydrating drink. And, while you attempt to rejoin the land of the living, they will clear up the house and take away the empties for recycling.

You’ll be able to have a not so well-deserved lay in and wake up to a clean house. What could be better?

It may seem a very niche market, but they’ve been featured in major U.S. media such as ‘Forbes’ magazine and on CBS. We can see this becoming a party animal’s favorite service very quickly, especially if their landlord is visiting after they’ve thrown a big bash.

Virtual dating assistants

If you’re one of the many using online dating, help is at hand if you’re too busy – or can’t be bothered – to actually do the groundwork.

Virtual dating assistants will do the online dating ‘admin’ for you such as creating a profile on a dating website. They contact and converse with prospective dates through onsite messaging, and arranging dates for you. They take all the hard work out of finding the perfect match.

All you have to do is show up – and dress to impress, of course.

Fake wishbones

This is for those who would still like to share the wishbone at Thanksgiving even when there’s no turkey on the menu.

An enterprising company makes fake wishbones so even an entire family of vegetarians (or those who simply don’t like turkey) can make a wish after all. Thought to offer good luck to those who end up with the biggest part of the bone, this is a great way of carrying on the tradition if you can’t get a turkey in time.

For when the end is nigh…

For dying there are various innovative and certainly weird business ideas:

Professional mourners – it’s possible to hire people to come and mourn at a funeral. It’s not a new idea; they existed back in Ancient Egyptian times. While it doesn’t belong to the category of new business ideas, you have to admit that it is just a bit weird.

Professional mourners are known as moirologists and it’s a job opportunity too, should you want to pretend to grieve for a living. Some may even be using up to the minute POS systems to keep up with the times.

Eternal reefs – it’s one thing being buried at sea or having ashes scattered on the water. But how about becoming part of a reef?

A company really does exist to make ‘reef balls’ out of human remains to help them create a habitat for marine life. It sounds weird, but it helps to preserve the environment and protect the wildlife that calls it home. This is definitely something to consider if you’re a bit of an eco-warrior or want to have a burial that benefits the planet.

Reserve a spot in heaven – concerned you or a loved one won’t get into heaven? Worry no more as you can ‘take out an insurance’ and, for $15, you’ll get a certificate or reservation and an ID card – plus a guide to get you there.

There’s a money-back guarantee if you don’t make it to heaven – quite how it’ll be honored is difficult to determine. It’s a great joke gift for the troublemakers in your life though, one that may convince them to change their ways.

…Many more

The above examples are by no means the only weird business ideas in existence. So if traditional enterprises seem over-represented in the market, then something more alternative may be an option as a business venture.

If you fancy becoming an entrepreneur but aren’t sure what sector to explore, why not get creative with your options? Your own business ideas can’t be as weird as the above, after all.

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