You probably remember your parents’ stern instructions not to turn on the television before doing your homework. They meant well and told you not to watch TV for valid reasons.

Nonetheless, wonders happen when you watch TV programs that matter. You might want to know more about them and experience them yourself.

Why People Watching TV Is Bad for You

When your mom or dad turned off the TV in a fit, they had reasons for their anger. They were probably concerned about its adverse effects.

1. Negative Messages

First, TV portrays sex and violence. Such negativity has a profound impact on impressionable children. They may begin to imitate violent acts because they think that these are acceptable behaviors. Aggression that starts in childhood may transcend into adulthood.

2. Health Concerns

And then, watching too much TV can affect your health. Studies show links between watching television and obesity. It also causes sleep disorders and behavior problems.

3. Isolation

TV can make people antisocial. Watching your favorite TV program can become more important than family and friends.

7 Amazing Things that Happen When You Stop To Watch TV

Nonetheless, you will experience endless benefits if you watch programs that enhance moral values, well-being, and learning. These are some of the wonders that take place when you sit down to watch TV.

1. Brain food

First of all, TV is nourishing brain food. Documentaries and complex TV series such as Heroes promote moral values and need you to ponder over their messages. With a large number of characters to recall, they also enhance memory.

2. Closes cultural gaps

TV also increases your knowledge of different cultures. Although travel is the best way to enhance such learning, there are limits to how much of it people can do. So saying, TV helps to broaden your horizons and close cultural gaps.

3. Enables Small Talk

And then, TV creates opportunities for small talk. Making conversation at social gatherings where you don’t know anyone is awkward. Trending TV programs that go beyond the superficial will give you topics to discuss.

4. Laughter

Furthermore, nothing brings loved ones closer than a heartwarming family comedy. As the adage goes, laughter is the best medicine. It relieves pressure and creates chances for family bonding.

5. Self-Improvement and Learning

Another reason it’s an advantage to watch TV is that it educates. Cable TV programs such as HGTV teach homeowners how to create functional, beautiful homes, while the Food Network introduces food lovers to new recipes.

6. Excitement

TV programs create outlets for passion and excitement. Sports fans can connect over their favorite football game, while music aficionados can gel over The Voice.

7. Eases exercise

Lastly, the reason some weight watchers hate exercise is that it’s boring to do alone. Therefore, you’ll find TV sets in many gyms. They provide excellent visual stimulation.

Beneficial Programs and Movies

So, which shows broaden the mind? Watch TV programs that will bring benefits to you and your loved ones.

1. Pay it Forward

First of all is Pay it Forward, a program that teaches the meaning of true compassion. Get your children to watch this family-friendly movie if you want to show them what kindness is.

Starring Hayley Joel Osment, it’s a story of a young boy who finds a way to make his social studies assignment meaningful. With the support of his teacher, Kevin Spacey, he develops a system of spreading goodwill. When one person is kind to another, the recipient of the kindness should find a way to show it to three other people, hence, paying it forward.

Without spoiling the movie for those who haven’t watched it, it’s touching to see this young man making tremendous, painful sacrifices in the name of compassion.

2. Forrest Gump

Starring Tom Hanks as the simple-minded Forrest Gump, this movie will teach you and your loved ones to suspend limiting beliefs.

The film spawned the catchphrase “life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get.” With that optimistic yet profound view of life, Forrest embarks on a coast-to-coast run of America, a journey he eventually completes over three years. He also reunited with his love, Jenny and their son (Hayley Joel Osment).

The movie teaches that anything is possible.

3. Saving Private Ryan

Military fans will connect with Saving Private Ryan, a 1998 movie. If you want to delve into the complexities of war, this is the film to watch. Introduce it to your older teens if you want to give them an accurate understanding of history.

Known for its graphic, accurate portrayal of the Battle of Normandy and other realities of war, it stars Tom Hanks as United States Army Ranger Captain John H Miller. General George Marshall tasks him with finding Private First Class James Ryan because Ryan’s mother would receive the news of the deaths of his brothers on the same day.

Together with his squad ( (Tom Sizemore, Edward Burns, Barry Pepper, Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Adam Goldberg, and Jeremy Davies), he searches for Private Ryan(Matt Damon). He and his men make tremendous sacrifices in the course of their search. The film is also a tale of survival and betrayal.

Amazing things happen when you watch TV programs that make a difference. That said, as you should with everything else, moderation is key.

What are the TV programs you found useful? Do share your experiences in the comments.

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