Visualization Technique: The Future Self Movie

//Visualization Technique: The Future Self Movie
Visualization Techique-Imagination

Whatever you can imagine is real. ~ Pablo Picasso

Visualization is a very powerful technique, because the brain cannot distinguish imagination from the reality we experience thus believes that whatever we imagine is reality?

If used carefully can yield amazing results in our character, our behavior and situations we experience. We present you visualization technique where all the senses are used, and which you can use in your everyday life.

Step one. Find a place where you will not be disturbed, lie down or sit back and close your eyes. Visualize that you are in an elevator and that in front of you the elevator buttons, and above them the number 10. Imagine now that you press the button you will take you to the floor 0. You can even make the move with your hand imagining that you touch the button making the movement causes the mind to be more convinced that what you do is real. Now shift your attention to your breathing by taking deep breaths. Imagine that you go with the elevator down to a room and that with each breath progressively and the numbers of the elevator are reduced, from 10 to 0. This will make you to relax and concentrate.

Step two. Once you reach 0, visualize the elevator door opens and you enter your personal mental room, where there is a huge screen. Improvise, create a room with your mind the way you want it to be. Continuing, sit on your personal position and grab the remote that opens the huge screen in front of you. Press the button to open. And here again, you can do the movement with your hand.

Step three. As the screen opens, create with your imagination a situation in which you find yourself playing in the movie. You may be in a place with your friends, with your partner, that you have the job or the business of your dreams, that you’re successful. Create a mental movie that you see on this screen. Listen to the conversations your friends are doing, what you tell them, the cars passing, observe the birds, the leaves from trees that wiggle, the water if you are out in nature. The person you see in this movie is your future self. You are this person having all that you wish, complete, cheery and happy.

Step four. Now, try to be transferred with your thinking in the movie and become the person you see. Start talking mentally with those around you and observe what you have created with your thinking. Observe what is happening, listen to the music that plays in the current location, taste the food you eat, touch or hug the people you are with. Feel the completeness, the mood and joy that you experience through this situation. The most powerful the feeling is, the more evidence” you give to your mind that what you imagine is real.

Do not stay on visualization; the person you imagine during this technique is the person you want to become. This person is you! During your daily life bring frequently this person in your mind. What character he has? How does he behaves? How he talks? How he responds to others? As you experience your daily life, therefore, in any situation you are in, try to bring often the mentality and the character of your future self”, and eventually you will realize that the future self became the present self! The power of habit is well known. The more often you repeat it, the more you insist, the more likely is to create new neural networks and to establish new thought patterns and behaviors in your mind.


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Visualization Technique: The Future Self Movie

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