Whether you’re wondering what direction to take with your career, hoping to find a life partner, or making a list for self-improvements, we all have goals in life we believe will help us find happiness.

Our desires may be vastly different, but we can all achieve a more fulfilling life by using a tool we already have free, unlimited access to — our intuitive guidance.

You’ve probably heard of intuition, but when was the last time you actually thought about what following your intuition could really do for you? Perhaps our greatest gift, intuition is the part of your spirit that guides you to be true, authentic and positive in your everyday life. It’s that voice that speaks up for you to offer clarity when you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, or seeking answers.

The problem is that for many of us, our intuition is hidden deep beneath many, many layers of our psyche, and we aren’t quite sure how exactly to tune into it and really listen.

With a little dedication and time, it is perfectly possible to find the inner voice of your intuition and learn to pay close attention to your true desires. What a powerful gift that is!

By learning to quiet all the outside voices, opinions and suggestions, you can instead listen to the voice that comes from within. You will be amazed at how clearly you can see your life’s path ahead of you, and how you can be guided directly to happiness and fulfillment.

When you learn to listen to yourself, the ability to control your own life is so powerful.

Spend time with yourself and seek to hear the voice you may have been unknowingly suppressing. Your intuition, and therefore YOU, know more about what you want from life than you are aware. Of course, connecting to your intuition is simple — but it may not always be easy.

Here are five techniques you can practice every day, to hone in on that signal and strengthen your intuition:

1. Meditation

Dedicate some time to clearing your mind and relaxing your body with meditation. Not only does meditation have profound mental and physical benefits, but it is extremely helpful for increasing your capacity to tune into your intuition throughout other more hectic parts of the day.

2. Self-Reflection

If you were in a discussion with a group of people to solve a problem, you would mull over each individual’s input, to understand their contribution. You deserve the same courtesy for yourself. Take a moment each day to reflect on who you are and where you’re headed.

3. Conscious Breathing

If you’ve ever practiced yoga, you know of the power of your breath to calm the nervous system, clear your mind and welcome in all the healing power your body is capable of. Try some breathing exercises to find stillness in your mind, allowing your intuition to come forth.

4. Mindfulness

Try to catch yourself throughout the day by bringing mindfulness into your thoughts — where you are, what you want, etc. Observe what comes up. Heightened self-awareness is a direct path to identifying and following your intuition.

5. Gratitude

You don’t have to buy everyone in your life a fancy dinner in order to practice gratitude. Simply jotting down the reasons you have to be grateful will have a profound effect on the direction of your internal thoughts. By thinking of what you’re grateful for negative thoughts will dissolve, unblocking your natural intuitive powers.

After seeing the miraculous benefits of using intuition in my life, I’ve become dedicated to helping others to discover their own and reach their true potential.

Your intuition is waiting for you. Everything you need to create the life you want is already present within you. It is just a matter of tuning in and listening to yourself, then trusting that what you feel is what is best for you. This idea may go against every technique you’ve tried for happiness, love, and success over the years, but what risk are you really taking by putting faith in yourself?


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