Most people want to make memories when they travel to Virgin Gorda. This year is far from over and there are numerous new things that you can try right now.

If you are among those traveling to Virgin Gorda and the Carribean, why not actually try something new? We often end up stuck in doing the exact same things over and over again.

If you do not want to do this, here are some suggestions of great new things that you can try in Virgin Gorda as soon as you can.

Obviously, you might have already tried some of them, but if not, just give it a go! You might really enjoy it.

Desert Camping

The desert is really, really hot and there is not much that we can do there. We all know that. However, this does not mean there are no activities that are simply going to make your entire vacation one to always remember. While Virgin Gorda is not a desert, the experience is similar because of the heat and the numerous remote locations you can go to.

You will get incredible sky views, you will be able to unplug and actually enjoy the nature that surrounds you. It is always better to use multi-sectioned tents, but this should not be a problem. An extra recommendation is to get a guide. That will make everything much more enjoyable for you.

Attend Wellness Festivals

Wellness festivals are great ways to relax. They allow you to take time off and focus on your emotional, mental and even physical health. As an example, there is the Wanderlust wellness festival in the US. Thus, you can spend one weekend working solely on your health.

You go through various interesting classes, ranging from music-related activities to doing yoga. After attending such a wellness festival it is much easier to appreciate life.

Find wellness festivals held in the Caribbean that offer the type of activity you enjoy and you will surely love the experience, especially if it is your first time. You can easily travel from Virgin Gorda to close regions and enjoy a festival.

Paddle Boarding Tours

Paddleboarding is a very interesting way to tour a new city but also specifically great in the Caribbean. Instead of taking the routes everyone does, you go via water and explore everything from brand new angles. Obviously, paddle boarding is a workout.

However, this does allow you to see city parts that you just cannot explore while on foot. Few people ever get to experience the water through paddle boarding. When it is possible, it is an option to consider.

Join Fresh Food Delivery Services

People say we are what we eat and it is quite hard to argue with that since nutrition is vital for every single human being out there. Those that take advantage of fresh food delivery services do vouch for them since they are very convenient. The idea is that you receive your truly favorite grocery goods right on your doorsteps.

Such a service is actually available in Virgin Gorda. You get to always have really fresh ingredients to cook with. Food will not be a hassle and you can be sure that the quality of every single ingredient shipped to your home is as high as you expect it to be.

Rent A Luxury Beach Home

Few things are as memorable as renting Virgin Gorda beach homes. The idea is to go for a different vacation than what you are used to. Most people out there simply go to a hotel when they travel. Why not enjoy things more and actually rent something that screams out luxury?

You may believe that this would be too expensive but the truth is that there are countless deals and discounts available. Search around and see if there is an opening that appeared. If so, try to negotiate prices. You might end up seeing that you have to spend a lot less than anticipated.

Join A Dinner Cruise

Every single dinner cruise out there can be described as fun and romantic. There is always water around the continent so you can find destinations where such a travel activity can be enjoyed. You get to enjoy fancy life and you get to simply love every little bite you eat.

The main reason to join a dinner cruise is that the experience is simply much better than just having dinner at a fancy restaurant. You get to enjoy being on a truly full-service cruise. This memory will surely last a lifetime.

As you surely expect because of Virgin Gorda’s location, you can easily find many such options that you can take advantage of. Choose the one that offers something that is as close to what you want as possible.

Final Thoughts

It is never too late to plan something completely new for your Virgin Gorda stay. If you are interested in enjoying some brand new adventures, seriously consider the ones recommended above. If there is none that you actually enjoy, just start your own research.

You will be surprised to see hundreds of really interesting opportunities that you can take advantage of, no matter where you live. The only thing that you should remember is that you do need to read reviews and be sure that you receive exactly what is promised.

If not, you are not going to have a great experience. The whole idea is to try something new but this does usually mean you will need to spend some extra cash.

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