Using touch as a technique of healing has been in practice for thousands of years.

It was learned early on that the manipulation of the muscles and the tissues can drastically improve the integrity of the body and mind. While it is unclear as to where the massage actually originated, archeological evidence has traced the technique back to ancient Egypt as well as ancient Greece, India, and China.

It is said that our ancestors would frequently call upon their loyal kinfolk to rub their bodies in times of injury and distress.

As time went on, advances in massage therapy grew. People particularity skilled in the technique of were given the title of a masseuse, and the addition of body oils and massage tools were being used.

Today, massage therapy has become one of the most valued methods of alternative healing practiced across the world.

Read on to learn the five reasons to seek a career as a massage therapist:

1. It is a rewarding career choice:

The fact that you can improve the health of persons with mental and physical pain is reason enough to seek a career in massage therapy. Continual sessions of massage can help reduce anxiety and stress, improve circulation, promote healing and eradicate insomnia.

Massage can also help calm the nervous system, release endorphins, facilitate detox and help stimulate hair growth.

2. Huge financial opportunity:

The demand for massage therapist has been huge as of late as people are seeking more alternative methods of healing. Because the demand is so high, opportunities to grow financially is even higher.

After you receive your certification, you can showcase your skills in a variety of places such as high-quality spas, holistic healing centers, and chiropractic centers. Additionally, you can choose to open your own massage center or even become a freelance therapist and do house calls for your clients. Be prepared to invest in equipment.

3. Always more to learn:

While techniques such as the Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu, sports massage, reflexology, and prenatal massage are among the most popular techniques, there is always more to learn.

You can continue to hone your skills by researching new techniques as well as researching newer tools, equipment and body oils.

4. Keeps you fit:

Continuously administering massages doesn’t just benefit the client, it benefits you as well. Giving massages requires you to contract your muscles, stand on your feet and keep a clear mind, all of which can help keep your mind and body fit.

5. Easy-entry position:

Very little time is needed to get certification in the field of massage therapy, it is recommended that students acquire approximately 600 hours of training. There are schools widely available that offer hands-on training and education, and opportunities for financial assistance is always available.

Massage therapy helps millions of people every day. If you have a passion for helping people and the desire to be your own boss, then seeking a career as a massage therapist is an option you should consider.


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