Stress is an epidemic that everyone succumbs to in life at least once.

When you come under stress, your body sets off an alarm as if it is in danger, triggering a flight or fight response. Handling stress is essential to enjoying your life in a smooth way, without physical, physiological, and psychological obstacles. There are easy to do things which when incorporated into your daily life will help you handle stress and keep it at bay.

Read on right below to learn what those are.

1. Plan your day!

You would have planned for your birthday or for your vacation, but have you ever thought about planning for your daily routine? Even a rough sketch will do the job. It will take about 21 days for your system to get into this practice, but it is worth the efforts.

2. Take it positive!

No two days are the same for you. So if you woke up a little late one day, it is perfectly okay. Take it easy. Take a deep breath and get started. Keep track of the positive elements that exist around you. If at any point of time you feel lost, you can always look around for positive energy. Positivity exists in abundance in this Universe.

3. Learn to breathe consciously!

This is one of those factors in life that all of you tend to overlook. Take a moment now and look at your breathing pattern. Is it shallow or deep? Is it slow or quick? Pause and breathe deeply into your abdomen, allowing it to expand, through your nostrils in a very slow way. Similarly, expel your breath, contracting your abdomen, and exhaling through the nostrils. Notice the change it brings on your thoughts.

4. Visualize and affirm

These are two vital elements that are essential to get your de-stressing milkshake right. The more you affirm, the better your visualization will be and vice versa.

How to visualize for easing stress

To visualize, just sit in a comfortable position of your choices, eyes closed, palms resting on your thighs facing the sky. Keep your spine and neck erect. Inhale deeply via your nose and exhale. Now imagine that a powerful white shaft of light is flowing down the sky and penetrating into your Crown chakra.

Allow it to flow down through your eyebrow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and finally into your root chakra, cleaning and removing any and all blocks that exist and eliminating all the factors that trigger your stress. Now let the white light spread into each and every cell of your body, energizing you and leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

The more detailed your visualization is, the better the results will be. Spend about 10 minutes a day and you will feel better in a couple of days.

Affirmations For Stress Relief

Write down the affirmation at least three times and repeat as often as possible by standing in front of a mirror to ward off chronic stress. Here is a sample affirmation you could try:

“I release and let go of my need for experiencing chronic stress. I now clear any and all factors that cause stress. I willingly accept calmness and peace. I am safe and secure. I am peaceful.”

5. Include a simple yoga routine in your life!

While any exercise can help in easing stress, yoga is the ideal choice as it works on a physical and psychological level. While various asanas help in letting go of the physical stress, breathing techniques and mediation aid in calming your mind.

All these 5 ingredients should be incorporated into your life, even if you are not stressed. The benefits they offer go beyond de-stressing! Try them and be at peace!



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