Cancer is the one word that every single person on the planet is afraid of. It’s estimated that this year, cancer will kill 7.6 million people.

There are countless charities trying to research how to kill the deadly disease, but we may have had the answer all along. The only two legal treatments available for cancer at the moment are chemotherapy and radiation treatment. But what if I told you that a little-known Chinese herb called Artemisia annua was found to be effective in destroying cancer cells? Recent studies confirm its powerful properties.

With the ever-increasing number of cancer sufferers, perhaps it’s time to take a new approach to alternative treatments. We should start looking at what we have naturally and not what we can make artificially to fight cancer.

There has been a lot of research into the effect of what we eat and how it may or may not cause cancer. Doctors today claim that our diet and lifestyle choices do not affect cancer development, but are we overlooking the healing properties of plants both medically and dietary?

Artemisinin is the active ingredient in the Chinese herb called Artemisia annua, which is currently used to treat malaria.

Used by the Chinese centuries ago, it was lost until an ancient manuscript from 200 BC was found which detailed its anti-malarial properties. Li Shizhen in 1596 asked for his tea to be made with Qing Hao to treat his malarial symptoms.

In 1967, the Chinese army began a study into treatments for malaria and Qing Hao (Artemisia annua) was rediscovered as a treatment. Both cancer and malaria parasites sequester iron. Artemisinin contains atoms, which break down in the presence of iron.

So when you administer Artemisinin to a cancer sufferer, it’s like you are detonating a cancer bomb. Only the cancer cells are destroyed, the healthy ones are left alone.

A study showed that Artemisinin can kill 98% of lung cancer cells in less than 16 hours.

When it is combined with iron, it erases cancer but when used on its own it reduced breast cancer cells by up to 28%. What’s even better is that Artemisinin kills only the cancer cells and leaves the healthy cells alone, something that chemotherapy does not do.

Another huge benefit is that from the studies that have been undertaken, it has minimal side effects, unlike chemotherapy, which ravages the body. The bigger issue here is why are natural therapies not being approved and implemented?

Cancer takes no prisoners, it affects the old and young. Surely, we need to be doing all we can to find a cure and not making cancer treatment about money? There are a number of natural therapies that have been known to help with cancer treatment but the big pharmaceutical companies refuse to invest any money in testing these natural remedies because there is no money to be made.

The French drugmaker, Sanofi, are currently trying to produce 50 to 60 ton a year, which they hope would be enough to supply the global market. If they can mass produce the drug, but still maintain the quality whilst shipping it across the world there is a good chance it will help cancer sufferers without the nasty side effects that the current treatments provide.

It’s time we acknowledge the wonders of modern medicine whilst also respecting all the gifts that mother nature has provided us with, and perhaps in time, using both.

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