As the new year is about to come, take a moment to think back about everything that has happened in the ending year that has led you to be where you are at this exact second.

Are you happy with your situation? Most of us will say yes when in all reality there is something negative we are holding on to.

There are things you need to let go of before you can begin a new slate for the new year.

1. Let Go Of Self-Doubt.

2. Let Go Of Grudges

3. Let Go Of Disappointment

4. Let Go Of Negative Influences

5. Let Go Of What Cannot Be Changed

6. Let Go Of Your Negative Self-Image

7. Let Go Of The Past

How to Let It Go

There is no simple answer to how to let a grudge or the past go. In the end, it comes down to acceptance and realizing you can move on from this event. By tying yourself down to one specific point in your life, you are unable to see the wonders that are in motion every single day.

In a relationship, if there were some blurred lines, to even letting go of disappointment. There is no need to wallow in sadness. Swallow the bitter acceptance pill, and know you can grow from that event.

It is hard and gosh is that a bitter pill, but it one of the only ways to ensure you can achieve a clean slate in the new year.

Why You Need This

Holding on to events that cause anxiety, depression, fear, and most of all stress is not good for your health. By holding on to these negative thoughts or events, you increase your risk of illness, high blood pressure, heart attack, or even a stroke!

While you may be young and think you are impervious to these diseases, you’re not. The better you take care of your mind and body today, the better you will be in the future. There is a reason people say anger will kill a person; it will, maybe not right away, but it will take its toll.

Where to Let Things Go

Depending on what is causing your grievances, there will be a quick solution. If it is a past relationship, or anything falling in the “I can sell that” category, do it! You learned your lesson, and now you can have a few bucks to eat some ice cream while you accept that you are finally overcoming this.

If you have issues with your personal image, donate your old clothes, go to the store and buy a few, nicely fitting outfits. Get your hair done or whatever it is that will make you more confident in yourself. Instead of making excuses for why you feel the way you do, act on it. You will be a better person for it.

In the world, there is always something that will act as an obstacle for you, this is your year to conquer those issues.

While we only have seven items listed here, if you feel there is more than you can rid yourself of, and then do it. From toxic relationships, unneeded clothes, to even reducing spending.

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