These People Are Helping The Homeless In The Most Awesome Way!

//These People Are Helping The Homeless In The Most Awesome Way!


Movement gives dignity to homeless by washing their clothes

In Huntington Beach, California, a group has come together to help the area´s homeless by washing their clothes for them. The so-called Laundry Love movement started ten years ago and allows people to start a ´chapter´in their own neighborhood.There are now over 100 chapters around the country, both religious and non-religious.

Huntington Beach chapter founder Christian Kassoff says: “When I first heard of the idea, I thought I could do it. It didn´t seem intimidating.”

The group rents out a laundromat for a night and invite anyone who needs support to come along and bring their clothes. Some chapters offer food and groceries.  It´s a small but very important gesture which gives support and dignity to those less fortunate.


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These People Are Helping The Homeless In The Most Awesome Way!

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