When it comes to natural cures for cancer, some of the alternative versions haven’t been all that popular…but they work!

It seems that no matter how safe and highly effective natural cures for cancer may be, the FDA and AMA (American Medical Association) intend to maintain their medical standpoint when it comes to Cancer. The pharmaceutical industry thrives off treatments and so-called cures like chemotherapy, which some argue to be ineffective.

Well, there is hope. Despite the suppression of mainstream media and the medical establishment, here are 7 alternative natural cures for cancer.

1.  An article by James Burke

An article titled, “The Quack Who Cured Cancer,” was sent into Esquire magazine during the beginning of WWII. Unfortunately, it was never published. The reason for this odd incident was because James Burke, the author of the article decided that the article no longer had any merit. Why?

Burke was sent to Dallas, Texas to investigate a man named Harry Hoxsey because everyone thought he was a hoax. Hoxsey proclaimed he could cure Cancer. But when Esquire sent Burke to investigate Harry Hoxsey, Burke encountered quite the opposite situation.

Burke was highly impressed by the recoveries of Hoxey’s patients. It seems that Harry Hoxey was indeed curing his patients, and he wasn’t even catering only to those who were financially secure.

It seems that Hoxsey was battling the medical establishment and even though his clinics were shut down in the 60s by the AMA and the FDA, he won a major court case concerning his work. When his clinics were forcibly closed, Hoxsey started up another clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, which is today the Biomedical Center.

2. Cures for brain cancer

Surprisingly, the FDA allowed Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski to administer formulas and techniques to children suffering from brain cancer. This was only after all medical treatments had failed.

It’s also been proven that Dr. Burzynski conducted his research and techniques by the book, which makes little sense considering federal agents gave him such a hard time. One idea was that major drug companies could have been attempting to steal his patients and take credit for his success.

3. A nutritional approach

Dr. Max Gerson cured various forms of cancer by using a nutritional tactic along with an approach to detoxification. Originally, his treatments and approach cured patients suffering from TB, but he realized that the same cures worked for cancer as well.

In the 1040s, Gerson’s techniques were working in America, New York, to be exact. Patients came from far and wide to his clinic, hearing about the success only by word of mouth. Unfortunately, the medical industry couldn’t handle his rates of success, void of all AMA measures and pharmaceutical drugs.
Max’s daughter, Charlotte opened a clinic in Tijuana, alongside other successful establishments that were sent out of the United States by the AMA. Dr. Gerson was also threatened and many people suspect arsenic was used to make an attempt to eliminate him.

4. Radio waves destroy cancer cells

The inventor of the “Universal Microscope”, Roy Rife (Royal Raymond Rife)  is responsible for creating a system of radio waves which can destroy Cancer cell microbes. This microscope was initially used to see live viri. The process would kill the viruses on inspection. This process confirmed pleomorphism, as microbes changed according to environmental needs.

Because of exposure provided by the Universal Microscope, these cancer cells were observed and simultaneously eliminated. This is truly a fascinating and successful experiment, turned into a possible cure.

5. Chaga mushrooms

These magnificent natural remedies have proven to have anti-cancer properties, especially in those suffering from liver cancers. These mushrooms have provided healthy alternatives for hundreds of years in this area and in providing antioxidants.

They are easily accessible, apparently, and can be found almost everywhere, attached to Birch trees. Natural cures for cancer such as this have grown in popularity and continue to provide insight on curing the disease. You can find plenty of information about Chaga mushrooms and their uses.

6. Hydrogen peroxide methods

Dr. Otto Warburg’s Nobel Prize-winning solution, which was discovered half a century ago, has almost been duplicated. This similar method includes oxygenating hydrogen peroxide. The reason this method works is that cancer cells cannot survive sudden bursts of oxygen, unlike normal cells.

So, I know what you’re thinking. If this is so simple, why can’t we all partake in this treatment? Well…this DIY treatment can be accomplished by carefully diluting 35% H2O2 with distilled water. It’s just that simple, but please, do your research thoroughly beforehand.

7. Cannabis

It’s no secret that Cannabis is extremely effective in fighting cancer. Even in those who have diagnosed with stage 4 carcinoma with no hopes of living any longer than 3 months. Many people have come back from the brink of death by using Cannabis infused oils.

In the U.S., the legalization of cannabis (marijuana) is becoming more common due to these results. Cancer and many other diseases will soon be treatable with the proper use of Cannabis. Now, that’s exciting!

Treatment can be natural and safe

These discoveries were once strange and unbelievable, but we are seeing so many advancements in this area. There will be even more natural cures for cancer available as well, as society turns from big pharmaceuticals to the power of mother earth.

Let’s stay educated and keep supporting natural solutions to cancer as well as other illnesses. It’s up to us, after all, to remind the world that we matter. And we do!


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