The Secret Life of Garbage You Throw Out – Infographic

//The Secret Life of Garbage You Throw Out – Infographic

life of garbage infographic featured

It’s a routine chore every week. Sort the recycling and take out the trash.

Then, sometime in the morning or while you’re at work, the trash man comes to haul it away.

But what happens after that? And where does garbage go that isn’t picked up?

So which is the secret life of garbage we throw out every day?

It’s estimated that Americans produce about 250 million tons of trash each year, or about enough to cover the state of Texas twice over. Not all of that ends up where it should, though.

This infographic tells the story of your garbage, emphasizing that we should probably all be a little more careful about what we throw away.

What You Need to Know About Garbage


Author Bio: Colin Rabyniuk is a writer, journalist and freelance designer based out of Hamilton, Ontario. His writing has appeared on, Aesthetic Magazine Toronto, and the Oakville News. When not hard at work, Colin loves to travel and has backpacked all over Latin America, the United States, and China.

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The Secret Life of Garbage You Throw Out - Infographic

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