We all know that everyone is using more and more mobile and wireless technology devices. Wifi hotspots are springing up everywhere, Cell Towers are being upgraded, 4G is more powerful and can transmit data quicker and over a longer distance.

At home and at work we are surrounded by pulse modulate electromagnetic (EM) fields from wireless devices. You are probably reading this article on a wireless device.

But what everyone is forgetting, or conveniently ignoring, is that approximately 1,800 studies have been undertaken over the last 30 years to define whether wireless EM radiation is harmful to people and children, and the overwhelming message from the studies, is that yes it is.

In 2001 the US Federal Communications Commission recognized the weight of these studies and set a public safety threshold limit for exposure to EM radiation of a maximum of 1 microwatt per square centimeter, measured over an average of 30 minutes.

When you put your head next to your mobile phone, it pulses around 10 microwatts during the call, on average. The wifi router at home or work has a large hot spot around it where the radiation massively exceeds 1 microwatt.

Wi-Fi signals and the human body

When you sleep at night, if your wifi router and mobile phone are still switched on, your sleeping body is bathed in an eery glow of invisible and jagged radio waves. Children are particularly vulnerable.

Our bodies are remarkably resilient, however, and they self-repair constantly. But when placed under a sustained assault, even the best immune systems start to weaken.

EM radiation causes DNA strands to unwind, genetic damage during replication, cell membranes leakage of calcium ions, and a host of other biological effects like headaches and disturbed sleep patterns. These effects have all been proven many times over in laboratory tests.

The specialists are associating negative biological effects with increased environmental EM radiation exposure, including massive increases in immune system disorders, and related illnesses.There are sophisticated medical theories about how the damage occurs.

One of the most interesting is that the electromagnetic field mobilizes any trace heavy metals in the human body (think magnetic field effect on metal elements at a microscopic level), effectively retrieving heavy metal traces from deep tissue storage, and getting it back into circulation via the blood system and across the blood-brain barrier.

Small wonder then that scientists and doctors across the globe are calling for stricter controls, and the reduction of EM radiation exposure, especially for children. The WELL building standard was recently formulated in the United States, and part of what it aims to do is to combat sick building syndrome, among other things, reducing the EM radiation levels in the building.

For the average person though, there are simple steps that can be taken at home to drastically reduce EM exposure levels for your family.

You can reduce your exposure levels by switching off devices when not needed, adding distance between yourself and the device, and there are even some devices on the market that operate as noise filters, drastically reducing the effects of wireless radiation on humans.

  1. Keep the wifi router turned off. Only turn it on when you need it on. Definitely, switch it off when you go to sleep.
  2. Put mobile phones in Flight mode when you go to sleep. The alarm clock will still work, but the phone will stop pulsing to the cell towers nearby.
  3. Either switch off wireless tablets and laptops or hibernate or put them in Flight mode, when you go to bed.
  4. Replace your home cordless phones with new ones that have an Eco Plus mode. Home cordless phones blast out full strength DECT radiation 24×7 unless they are specifically set to eco plus mode. Many new phones have this mode.
  5. Do your own research.

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