The German Dr. Johanna Budwig Shared The Recipe That Cured Cancer Naturally!

///The German Dr. Johanna Budwig Shared The Recipe That Cured Cancer Naturally!

Dr. Johanna Budwig was a German biochemist. In the 1950s, her research showed that the blood of individuals diagnosed with cancer lacks some essential elements, such as phosphatides and lipoproteins.

Without them, cancer cells grow and multiply uncontrollably.

According to Budwig, fatty acids with at least 18 carbon atoms in the carbohydrate chain can solve the problem. These fatty acids are found in flax oil, which must not be heated nor processed, as it will damage the chain structure.

“People’s diet often consists of materia with a long shelf life, and they are further processed in a way that excludes them from the group of healthy products,” said Budwig.

Flax and flaxseed oil have strong anticancer properties, but they can also save blood vessels that have become hard and fragile, unable to help patients diagnosed with cancer.

For optimal results, flaxseed oil is combined with cottage cheese in a homogenous texture. This combination provides beneficial elements and enables the transmission of these elements to the affected cells.

Mix 4.4 oz / 125 grams of cottage cheese and three tablespoons of flaxseed oil until you get a nice and homogeneous mixture. Consume this remedy twice a day.

For many patients, it takes more time to adapt, because flaxseed oil can cause stomach discomfort. You may want to start with a tablespoon, then increase the dose as the body gets used to it until you get to three tablespoons.

This recipe can be used as a preventive and eventually in patients diagnosed with early-stage cancer.

Dr. Budwig did not prefer the parallel use of traditional therapy and conventional therapies, but many people have cured themselves using both chemo and Budwig’s basic recipe.

*The purpose of this recipe is not to give a vain hope but to serve as an additional option in the fight against cancer. It is up to you and on your own responsibility to make the decision and use this recipe.



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