5 Grains of Ancient Wisdom That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Ancient wisdom can teach us surprisingly many things about ourselves and our life. We love to read and watch movies about ancient civilizations. There’s just something mystical about people and their way of living in the times of ancient Rome and Greece. Even if we are not dedicated fans of history, we enjoy a good myth, book or theatrical play based on ancient Greek, Roman or any other civilization from

7 Signs of Emotional Maturity: How Many Can You Relate to?

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Do you think there is a certain age at which emotional maturity sets in? 18 or 21? 30 or even 40? Maybe 70? Who can tell?! There are young people who are mature well beyond their years, and on the other hand, there are much older people who act so childish! So, what are the main character traits that show emotional maturity? When are you old enough to say “I’m

12 Pieces of Buddhist Wisdom That Will Transform Your Life

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1. Live with compassion Compassion is one of the most revered qualities in Buddhism and great compassion is a sign of a highly realized human being. Compassion doesn’t just help the world at large, and it isn’t just about the fact that it’s the right thing to do. Compassion, and seeking to understand those around you, can transform your life for a number of reasons. First, self-compassion is altogether critical towards finding

Living in the Ray of Love and Wisdom

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In the design of the Universe, seven is quite a significant number. There are seven tones on the music scale, seven colors in a rainbow and seven streams of consciousness for a soul to become aware in. As we raise our frequency in attune with these energy streams, we begin to understand how our roles here on Earth match the ray of our personality in this lifetime. In spiritual terms,

How to Exude Confidence and Truly Express Yourself in New Social Situations

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Do you ever wish you could walk into a room of unknown people and be completely at ease? When you talk with someone new, you share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions with heart, grace and openness. This is reciprocated, loved and you love the other person for doing the same. Your interactions continue this way. You gain a lovely momentum that is grounded in your unique perspective, humor, and confidence.

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