11 Effects of Smoking Weed on Your Brain and Body Functions

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Marijuana. The mention of this plant sparks a debate. Being clear about the effects of smoking weed is wise. We discuss the properties of marijuana, how people use it, and what it does to your body once you’ve consumed it. Properties of Cannabis People smoke weed, either recreationally or for medical purposes. It's a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant. The primary psychoactive agent in weed is a chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol. It has another 483 compounds, including another 65 cannabinoids. Governmental restrictions and production constraints

These Three Common Weeds in Your Backyard Are Actually Powerful Healing Herbs!

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When you take a stroll in your backyard you most likely reprimand yourself for not weeding this week, but did you consider that those pesky common weeds might have some beneficial properties and make your gardening life less of an uphill struggle? Stop weeding immediately, and start seeing these ferocious common weeds for what they really are, powerful healing herbs. There are three common kinds of therapeutic herbs that can be found almost everywhere, particularly during their respective seasons, and are often mistaken as just

Plantain: This Little Weed Is One of the Most Useful Medicines on the Planet

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We are talking about the herb, plantain; that is quite often mistaken as a weed. You would have seen in your yard and ignored it. You might have even gone to the extent of eliminating it from your garden. However, there is an astonishing truth behind this little weed. It is, in fact, a herb that is native to Asia and Europe. There are two variants of Plantain – Broadleaf, and Lance. The leaves of this herb are edible, and you can use it in