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3 Steps to Preventing Zika Virus Infection during Trips Abroad

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These tips will help you to prevent Zika virus infection, which began to spread to all the warm countries. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recently issued a warning to pregnant women traveling to about 30 countries where there is a high risk of infection by the Zika Virus. This is because Zika virus has been directly linked with the birth of babies having microcephaly. Zika virus can also cause flu-like symptoms in an infected person. Zika is prevalent in warm weather countries in the


Your Travel Guide to Zika Virus: What You Need to Know

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You may have already heard the hysteria about the Zika virus. A mosquito-born disease that has been reported across South and Central America, the Caribbean and the US Virgin Islands. If you have booked a trip to the continent or are planning to attend the 2016 Olympics then here's our travel guide to the Zika virus: How normal is this? Very normal actually. Mosquitoes have been carrying diseases for centuries. They carry dengue, malaria, elephantiasis, and chikungunya. Most of these viruses are much more deadly


5 Biggest Lies about Ebola Being Pushed by Government and Mass Media

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All the disinformation being spread about Ebola by the U.S. government and the complicit mass media will, unfortunately, make the Ebola pandemic far worse. That's because the public isn't being told the truth about how Ebola spreads and how individuals can help prevent transmission of the disease. At every level of media and government, protecting the financial interests of drug companies appears to be far more important than protecting public health. So people aren't told the truth about how Ebola spreads and how they can