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8 Signs of Toxic Friends (and How to Deal with Them)

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We meet people every day. Real friendships make your days brighter. However, some relationships can leave you feeling drained. Everyone thrives on healthy relationships. Consequently, it's important to know when you're in one that's not. So, how would you recognize toxic friends? More importantly, how would you deal with them? Types of Toxic Friends Ideally, everyone would accept everyone else. However, it's important to set up boundaries and steer clear of negativity. Therefore, here are some toxic friends you should avoid. 1. The Green-Eyed Monsters


Toxic Family Members and How to Recognize Them

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The words "toxic family members"make my stomach turn. Let me help you recognize these people and improve your relationship with them. First off, it’s hard to talk about something that has impacted my life with such fierce control. This is especially true if you’re still dealing with said toxic family members. Oftentimes, I’d rather talk about something else to keep from becoming overwhelmed with indecision. But I can't run anymore. I get it, I do. I see toxic members of my family on a regular


Why Mentally Strong People Attract Toxic People

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You are mentally strong, but toxic people seem to surround you. Does Auntie T always come over with a complaint about her neighbors? Does Uncle V show off a new Rolex every time you visit him? You may wonder why such individuals seem to surround you. Avoiding toxic people is not always possible, especially when they are relatives or colleagues. You can distance yourself from them, but what if they insist on your company? Here are a few reasons they are always around you. It


12 Relationship Behaviors Most People Don’t Realize Are Toxic

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Do you feel that your relationship behaviors are maladjusted and imbalanced? Relationships are complex entities which are difficult for anyone to understand, including those in them. Like everyone else, you may want help to get a handle on yours. Unfortunately, going to school does little to help you manage them; you have to rely on your own devices. Here are some bad relationship behaviors that you should avoid at all costs. Recognizing the Signs of a Toxic Relationship To prevent your relationship from going south, you


10 Types of Toxic Relationships You Want to Avoid

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Different types of toxic relationships can be dangerous for your mental health and your life in general. So, you have to be careful with your dating life. Dating is a minefield, and an unruly, unfair minefield. But wouldn’t it be great if you had a map to avoid the miscreants, idiots and general fools you encounter when you do date? Below are 10 examples of toxic relationships and personality types that you will want to avoid. 1. The Controller If you happen to find yourself