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Women in China Rarely Get Breast Cancer and Here Is Why

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The thought of breast cancer is scary and troubles women worldwide. What may cause you to raise your eyebrows is that women in Asian countries such as China have lower incidences of the illness. Dietary preferences may explain this phenomenon. What is breast cancer? Simply put,  mammary cancer happens when cells in the breast turn rogue. They grow fast, forming tumors which a doctor can usually detect via a mammogram or an X-Ray of the chest area. Though these tumors are more common in women,

A Guide to Leafy Greens and Their Benefits – Infographic

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Confused by kale? Flustered by frisée? Use these leafy greens cheat sheet to differentiate your farmers market finds and learn the nutritional benefits. ...And of course how to select, store and prepare all those lovely green vegetables. Kale: Lacinato and Curly Arugula Collards Belgian Endive Watercress Chard: Swiss and Rainbow Cabbage: Savoy, Rad, Napa, Bok Choy Frisée Spinach Radicchio Turnip Greens Dandelion Greens Escarole So here is an infographic with a guide to leafy veggies and their benefits by livebetteramerica.aol.com. Hope you love vegetables like


7 Best Superfoods To Improve Your Memory

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In this modern era, people are constantly bombarding their minds with loads and loads of information such as studies, assignments, new projects and other work-related information. A healthy memory is more important now than ever before. People are increasingly turning to gadgets such as smartphones and computers to keep track of most things in their lives. This dependence can be reduced by adopting healthy eating habits. Certain foods provide your brain with essential nutrients to enable sharpened reflexes, and a better attention span and memory.


The Top 10 Summer Superfoods Worth Eating

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Diet is essential for maintaining optimum health, but what food should you be eating this summer? These summer superfoods are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can help to protect you from disease and enjoy life to the full. Some of these even offer nutrients that can help protect your skin from the Sun. 1. Kiwifruit Kiwifruit is a good source of vitamins C, E, potassium, polyphenols, fiber and some other nutrients that will help to protect you from cardiovascular disease, lower


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