Futuristic Sneakers Display Custom Image Through Your Smartphone

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For everyone who wants to wear something truly unique and futuristic, there is now an option that will blow you away with its style. Enter The ShiftWear sneakers. A pair of sneakers like none other before them - they enable their wearer to customize the design that is displayed on the body of each sneaker. With the advances in display technology came an E-ink display type that is not as feature rich as those in latest TVs, tablets and cell phones, but it is


This Is Why You Should Never Throw Away The Used Tea Bags Again

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In fact, used tea bags can serve as very helpful tools in life. It is a known consensus that tea is good for your health, my health and everyone else’s health as well. But all jokes aside, tea has more healthy aspects than can be contained within a small tea bag. Not only for your health, but also for your overall self-esteem. Take a look at these interesting ideas that will help you understand the magnitude of tea and its magical properties. 1. Let’s


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