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The Cause of Your Neck Pain and Other Health Issues May Be Hidden in Your Emotions

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Do you suffer from neck pain? You should be more careful of your emotions! If you are looking for healing you will have to search deep inside of your emotions. This is the opinion of Louise Hay who has written several books on emotional and spiritual healing powers. She claims that all kind of illness are starting with your emotional state and very often a cause of your condition is a lack of focus and negative thoughts. The Key to Happiness Is in the Love


7 Signs That You Are not Taking Care of Yourself

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Taking care of yourself is not selfish. Instead, it is very important if you think that you have lost yourself lately. With the age of technology that we live in, everything is within reach: shopping, travelling, socializing and working. It's almost impossible to switch off from work thanks to the smartphone, iPad and mac… not that we aren’t grateful for them, wonderful pieces of technology connecting us to the world. But with all this global connectivity we can feel disconnected with ourselves. When is it