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Mansplaining: the One Thing Men Do Which Irritates Women Most of All

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Mansplaining is probably one of the most annoying male behaviors towards women. Even if you are not familiar with the term, most likely, you have experienced it. The irritation spark sets off gradually. First, you are in a casual discussion about common everyday concerns around you. Then it starts. The male pulls himself back and starts to blurb out a lecture. You get instructions on exactly how you should proceed with what you have been doing perfectly well for ages with a set of implicit

15 Essential Communication Skills You May Not Have Heard of But Need for Life

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First-class communication skills are the keys to success in any area of life. These skills can give you an edge in the workplace, forge bonds with your kids and draw you closer to your life partner. Misunderstandings come about because of poor communication; it holds you back in your career and relationships. So, what are the secrets of getting your messages across successfully? Begin by finding out why communicating well is essential. Discover a few overlooked but useful ways of connecting with others. Why the

4 Science-Backed Reasons Why Quitting Social Media Equals Happiness

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Quitting social media can make you happier, a recent study suggests. No one needs to remind you that social media can be destructive unless you use it wisely. However, you may not realize that your unconscious bad habits when using it are damaging. They may lead you to have an unhealthy involvement with it. That's why quitting social media can have a positive effect on your life. Research suggests that social media makes people too dependent on the internet. Studies and surveys also reveal that

15 Signs That You Have Controlling Parents and How to Deal with Them

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All parents want the best for their children. They want their young ones to turn out to be upstanding, knowledgeable adults who contribute to society. Some parents, believing that their adult children are too inexperienced to make decisions, pull all stops to manage their lives. They inadvertently become "monster parents".  Many of them interfere with their children's activities and relationships. Others become pushy and to an extent, narcissistic; they enforce unreasonable expectations on their kids. If you have parents who step beyond their boundaries, you

5 Outstanding Ways to Combat Fears That Keep You from Becoming a Leader

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Leaders are usually admired and envied by everyone around. However, there are some people who find it relieving that they don’t have to take on big responsibilities. But this attitude is not really getting them far – only those who take chances are likely to succeed. What holds people back from speaking their mind? All sorts of fears, most of them unconscious. This is why we have thought about offering some helping solutions and guidelines for overcoming every possible obstacle. Three aspects that hold back

5 Secrets to Being Irresistible

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We all know those people who radiate positivity, energy, and confidence, no matter their personal situation. Those kinds of people have a natural charm that just makes them irresistible and a pleasure to be around. But what exactly makes those people so irresistible? How do they capture the attention and hearts of everyone around them? Here are the five secrets you can start using today to make yourself irresistible. 1. Respect Others. Respecting others and treating others with respect is one of the most important

A Mathematical Formula Predicts Whether Your Relationship Will Last

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Once upon a time, figuring out how to keep that special someone in your life took time, dedication, and a whole lot of trial and error events. Now, what if I told you that there was an actual mathematical formula behind all of these interactions that, in fact, predict whether your relationship will last or not? As fate would have it, a mathematician and a psychologist worked together to answer our questions and broke it down into a mathematical equation. Understanding Relationships Typically, relationships are a kind

This Is the Thing All Healthy Couples Have in Common

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In a world where everyone agrees with your thoughts, motives, and actions, some would say we would have a much better world indeed. However, we are not alone in this world, so we have all come to understand that sometimes people will just not see things in the way that we do. This fact becomes more apparent the longer you are in a relationship with someone. In today's society, many people are taught just to keep their mouth shut and go with the flow! So