Is Water Access Becoming a Privilege of the Wealthy?

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Again, we see the wealth of the world reap privilege, it seems. Residents of Sao Paulo, 15 thousand men, and women to be exact, protested for their own rights to these privileges in March 2015. The things sought after the most were access to simple water. Enough is enough Dressed in MTST (Worker’s Homeless Movement)’s t-shirts, together with left-wing organizations, the underprivileged protested for the right to consume healthy amounts of water. What we often take for granted in other countries is much more valuable

The Touching Story of Loukanikos and Other Greek Riot Dogs

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It was a quiet day in May 2014, when the Greek riot dog that had been on Time's "Personalities of the year" list in 2011, was sleeping peacefully as his heart stopped beating on the couch of his human caretaker. The dog's name was Loukanikos, the Greek word for "Sausage." He was 10 years old, and he will be remembered. Loukanikos will be remembered through the dozens of articles, like the one you are reading, that was written in his memory and honor. He will