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How and Why to Use Positive Reinforcement with Your Children

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You often hear the term positive reinforcement when talking about dog training, but this simple method is surprisingly effective with children. Positive reinforcement is the method whereby we ignore bad behavior and praise good behavior. Children can learn all kinds of life lessons through positive reinforcement including social skills and good manners. It can also be beneficial in education. Positive reinforcement makes children feel good about themselves and encourages them to do better. It can be used for short-term solutions or long-term goals. The best

Saying Stay Positive. You Know, This Advice Doesn’t Always Work!

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When you tell me to stay positive, it doesn’t have the effect that you think it does. In fact, sometimes it doesn’t work at all. I’ve had a colorful life, filled with various opinions on subjects ranging from health to happiness. But what it all boils down to are two distinct viewpoints: negativity and positivity. While there were uncles who always saw the glass as half empty, there were plenty of cousins who observed the glass as, yep, you guessed it…full, running over and spilling onto