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10 Plants That Repel Bugs (You Want to Have One of Those in Your Backyard)

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Plants that repel bugs are naturally eco-friendly and they will definitely have results. No one really likes bugs whenever they are having a good time relaxing indoors or outdoors. Bugs and insects such as mosquitoes that bite can really be a nuisance not to mention that they may spread diseases like Yellow fever and Malaria. Now, most of us opt for chemical solutions in repelling these bugs owing to the advertisements afforded to them. The sad truth is that some of these chemical solutions don’t

5 Plants Native American Tribes Used to Cure Almost Anything!

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The Cherokee tribe is one of the Native American tribes that have a true and historic understanding of medicinal herbs. Following a belief system for thousands of years, one of the tribe's primary beliefs was in nature's pharmacy, and as a result, the tribe has used the following five plants to treat almost every health condition and illness for centuries. A word of warning, these plants are extremely powerful and can be dangerous if used improperly. Make sure you are gentle when you scavenge for them

Tequila Plant Sweetener Could Help Diabetics Control Blood Sugar and Lose Weight

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Are you a diabetic or want to lose weight? A natural sugar from the tequila plant, called Agavin, might help you. According to a new research presented at the American Chemical Society’s national meeting, a sugar from the tequila plant might actually help diabetics. How is this even possible, you may rightfully ask. Well, the sweetener in question comes from the agave plant (the same plant that is used to make tequila). It is called agavin. Agavins are natural sugars and are non-digestible. They may

A View Inside Hidden Smithsonian’s Archives Shows the Incredible Richness of Their Collections

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A quest for knowledge has been the spiritus movens of the scientific community throughout the history. For centuries, scientists strived to solve the world's mysteries and explain the unknown. As the knowledge accumulated, the first museums opened. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that when the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History opened one of the reasons for opening it was "the increase and diffusion of knowledge". The museum was founded as the "United States National Museum" in 1846, but it changed its name to its

Purslane: Not Just a Weed but One of the Most Powerful Health-Boosting Plants

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You may have seen it in your garden and ignored it, thinking it was just a weed. However, it’s one of the most powerful health-boosting plants in the world. So many people throw away and recycle plants from their gardens, thinking they are weeds when, in fact, they are health-boosting plants with many health benefits that are already used in the food and for medicinal purposes all around the globe. It's a common mistake to make – but here is a plant that you should

5 Powerful Medicinal Plants You Can Grow at Home

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In our modern world, where we can buy all of our medicine and all of our food at the supermarket, a lot of us have forgotten where the medicines we take and the food we eat comes from. In most communities around the world, plants have been used over centuries for medicinal purposes, but the medicine we buy today has often been added to with chemicals and other synthetic substances before we buy it. We don't really know what we are putting into our body.

Passionflower: This Natural Sedative Can Help You Relieve Anxiety & Sleep Disorders

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Passionflower, also known as passiflora incarnata, maypop, apricot vine, water lemon or wild passion vine is a fast-growing perennial, which gardeners love growing. Its large flowers have 5 long stamens and 5 white petals, magenta to blue. According to tradition, it is called passion vine because its floral parts represent the elements of the Crucifixion (3 styles for the 3 nails, 5 stamens for the 5 wounds, the ovary for the hammer, and the corona which resembles Jesus' crown of thorns). Passionflower was brought to

The Secret Life of Plants: Research Reveals That Plants Can Be Intelligent

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A book written in the 70s claimed that plants were sensitive beings that liked classical music and had emotions. This book was called, The Secret Life of Plants. The book contained notes of experiments with music, polygraphs, and vegetables. The science in the book has now mostly been discredited, but after reading the book, people began talking to their plants and playing music for them, and most certainly people still do today. So when Michael Pollan first started discussing the possibility that plants can be