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10 Types of Toxic Relationships You Want to Avoid

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Different types of toxic relationships can be dangerous for your mental health and your life in general. So, you have to be careful with your dating life. Dating is a minefield, and an unruly, unfair minefield. But wouldn’t it be great if you had a map to avoid the miscreants, idiots and general fools you encounter when you do date? Below are 10 examples of toxic relationships and personality types that you will want to avoid. 1. The Controller If you happen to find yourself


10 Reasons Why It’s Hard for Smart Women to Find Love

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You might have seen the episode of Sex and the City where Miranda pretends to be an air steward at a speed-dating event instead of her real occupation as a lawyer because she thinks it’ll get her more dates. But as smart, modern women do we really need to hide our professions from potential love interests? No! But smart women do have a harder time at dating because they won't settle for anything less. Reasons why dating is hard for smart women. 1. Alone time


7 Sleeping Positions and What They Reveal about Your Personality

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People have various sleeping positions that can reveal a lot about who they are while conscious. This is quite a surprising thing, but many studies have been performed by various professionals, in which specific personality traits have been linked to sleeping positions and sleep patterns. So… the way in which you curl up when you hit the pillow can say a lot about you as a person! Professor Chris Idzikowski, the director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, found most people don’t change their


Cat People Are More Intelligent Than Dog People, Study Finds

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A study in San Francisco has shown that cat people and dog people have distinctly different personalities. The study found that dog lovers tend to be more lively and outgoing, with more energy and have a tendency to follow the rules very closely. While cat lovers were more introverted, open-minded and were generally more sensitive than dog lovers. The study also showed that cat lovers are more likely to be non-conformists. But the finding that may really set the two sides apart is the discovery that cat


Perfectionism: Is It a Good or a Bad Thing? – Infographic

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Perfectionism... A negative trait that turns a person into an obsessive neurotic. How pessimistic!! Why not look at the good side? For example, better and more polished work results, greater organization skills and much more. If you come to a dentist, it'll be better if he checks all your teeth for cavities not just treats the aching tooth, right? And the same with construction workers building a house for you-you want them to do a perfect job so that your house is flawless! So there


7 Powerful Illustrations That Will Make You Rethink Today’s Society

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Real life isn’t always what we expect - sometimes it’s satirically hilarious, sometimes depressingly honest. Artist Eduardo Salles has created powerful illustrations, comical and in-depth, that give more insight into the truth of life. Our life, compared to human relationship and desire, can be divided between what we love, what we want and what we actually have. For instance, what we need, want and have could totally contradict each other. 5 Finger Personalities Speaking of relationships, our fingers each represent close acquaintances with unique personality traits.


The Laws of Attraction: Your Names Can Help, Hinder or Halt Your Progress

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Our Names Influence Our Lives For Better Or Worse? Yes, incredible as it may seem, your names influence your life, your character, personality, virtues, vices, and health. More amazing, the second part of this system reveals how letters from each of your names rotate at predetermined years, influencing events and the way you live your life. This is not numerology and it is not a newfangled theory. This knowledge has been around for several thousands of years but known only by the privileged few. In


Know Thyself: A Perspective of How You and Others See Yourself

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Have you ever wondered how others see you? Do you know? Spend some time and pick a person you know; bring the image of this person to your mind and think about how he/she usually treats you, and, why he/she does it in that way. What is it that makes someone create the image of you in their mind? It is the image that you have created for yourself. The "Reality Tunnel" Like any other, you create your own "reality tunnel", based on your perspective