How to Organize Your Summer Months So You Make the Most of Them

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Are you using the summer months to improve your health or are you wasting the best period of the year entirely? Unlike the moody spring or the chilly autumn, the summer months offer the best opportunities to go out and enjoy life on a daily basis. Besides enjoyment, leaving the apartment can also greatly aid your health by lowering blood pressure, heart rate, the risk of heart disease and the level of stress. Enjoying a period to the fullest is all about organizing it. A


Prisoners Get Outdoors More Frequently Than Children Do, Study Finds

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Research shows that three-quarters of British children get outdoors more rarely than prisoners, as a result of "the digital age". Contemporary digital technology and parental fear are the main reasons which lead children to have an isolated lifestyle. Since children today spend little time outdoors, their health is pretty impaired. Often, they lose their sense of environment. Scientists explain that the active playing is very important for the health and development of children. However, the parents today have a fear of open spaces for children,


Bringing the Outdoors Indoors: How to Add a Touch of Nature to Your Home

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Capturing the essence of the outdoors and bringing it into your home, to create a relaxed and natural style, can be achieved easily when you follow the hints and tips shown in our infographic. We have included the pros and cons of different flooring options, along with ways to use colours, light, soft furnishings, and accessories inspired by nature to give your home a fresh, natural look. We have also included the use of natural aromas to stimulate your senses into believing that you are


Top 6 Exercises to Do with Your Family

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It’s such a great time to reconnect with your family while contributing significantly to their well-being. We all aim to have a great future that is fun and filled with happiness without illnesses. One of the best ways to ensure that we pass the same to our children is by engaging them when performing exercises. Our behaviors can significantly help in modeling our children. This is mainly because their characteristics are shaped by our actions and deeds. For your children to consume a healthy


5 Benefits That Will Inspire You to Spend More Time in Nature

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There is no contest between spending time indoors as opposed to spending time outdoors, at least not to me. Spending time in nature can be one of the most fulfilling and healthy activities. The Japanese practice that’s called Shinrin-Yoku, which is the art of “forest bathing”, is one way to immerse yourself in nature. To objective is to become renewed. The Scandinavian have a similar practice which is considered open-air living or friluftsliv. Edward O. Wilson coined the term for natural enjoyment, “Biofilia”, which is


Top 10 Outdoor DIY Projects You Can Do in Under an Hour

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You don't need a ton of time or even effort to upgrade your outdoor space. In fact, in an hour or less you could complete a project that will further turn your backyard or balcony into an impressive oasis. Here are 10+ such projects to consider. 10. Get Rid of the Pests Nothing kills an outdoor party like insect bites. Make your own citronella candles or turn an empty wine bottle into an attractive mosquito repelling torch. The simplest and quickest bug deterring "project," though?


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