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6 Teas for Weight Loss and Amazing Health Benefits

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Tea is known to have plenty of health benefits. Among others, some types of teas can also help you with your weight loss effort. Stress can lead to inflammation, which ultimately causes weight gain or hinders weight loss. Inflammation is associated with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Tea can help relieve stress, which is one of the major reasons why people find it hard to lose weight. Each of the teas on this list has its own special function and benefit. It can

5 Reasons Why Your Kid Should Spend Time in Nature

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Kids lately never spend time in nature. We all know what the tech evolution has done to our children in terms of physical activity. Long gone are the days when children took their play out of the house, given that these days it is common to find many watching TV and playing video games in laptops, gaming machines among others. Now, while tech advancements are very much welcome, it's about time we go back to the drawing board in a bid to encourage outdoor activities among kids.

Apple Cider Vinegar Can Treat These 10 Health Problems

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Many of us do know a good thing or two about Apple Cider Vinegar but many do actually tend to underestimate its capabilities. This solely the reason why it is probably necessary to unravel the true health magic behind Apple Cider Vinegar. We take a look at 10 diseases and conditions that can be controlled by the vinegar. 1. Asthma and Cold Allergies If you are that type of person who has struggled with Asthma or perhaps cold allergies then try taking a tablespoon of

5 Healty Food Tips and Habits to Get You Away from Obesity

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Did you know that food habits coupled with food environment play a massive role in people developing obesity? Well, there is little argument that obesity is slowly becoming a colossal challenge largely owing to a change in lifestyle. In fact, studies have shown that food of certain nature and given habits superimposed can blow up and get one sailing in the obesity ship! They say simple stuff matter so let’s take a look at some very basic things you can do to cut down your

Leptin and Ghrelin: Scientific Proof That Obesity Is a Matter of Hormones

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It is a common belief that fat people are made so either because of a medical condition or because they eat too much without having enough physical exercise or control over their culinary desires. Additionally, it is a common belief that fat people only need to starve a bit to lose the extra weight. As of 1997, this entire concept can be considered wrong. Obesity, according to the new scientific discoveries, is a biological matter and not an issue of laziness, weak wills, and