Organic vs Conventional Eating – Infographic

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Thinking about the types of food you consume can make a huge difference in your health and lifestyle. Organic food is not only more nutritious but it can actually save you money in the long run when you factor in healthcare cost over the years. have created this infographic from several recent health articles and authoritative sources to help you eat healthier. There are plenty of reasons to eat organic foods and people seem to be catching on. Organic foods are the fastest growing

Some More Reasons to Eat Avocados Every Day

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How many of you only associate the avo (as the Australians say) with guacamole? Ever eaten one on its own…yes, I mean without Mexican food…like you would a pear? No? Then you should! They are a fantastic source of nutrients and minerals, they taste amazing and you can smother them on your face in the name of beauty. Need some more convincing? The avocado is nature's little miracle berry. It is highly nutritious and despite the bad press it received years ago due to its

20 Amazing Uses for Orange and Banana Peels: Don’t Throw Them Away!

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You know that fruit is good for you, so eat it all. Orange and banana peels prove just as beneficial to your health, as the pulp inside. Fruits are healthy, no doubt. They are packed with vitamin C and other nutrients like Potassium. But I bet you didn't know just how incredibly nutritious the skins of fruits could be. Orange and bananas peels, for instance, provide huge benefits to your health. The peels of fruits have even more amazing benefits to your health than what's

10 Healthy Snacks You Can Easily Prepare at Home

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Preparing healthy snacks can be difficult because of our busy lifestyles. But hold on! I have 10 quick solutions to that problem! Healthy snacks are thought to be boring, difficult to prepare and bland. However, this does not have to be the case. You can make smart snack choices that will help combat hunger in between meals and also taste good. Plus, it can be easy to prepare! Here are 10 healthy snacks that you will enjoy having: 1. Chocolate-Covered Fresh Strawberries If you thought