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5 Vaccines You Should Never Give to Your Children

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  Vaccines have been a hot topic over the last few years. While there are inoculations that save lives and prevent long-term harm such as polio, many are unnecessary and potentially dangerous. There are many viewpoints when it comes to vaccinating children! One is that you should never vaccinate your children because they cause medical problems. Another one is that vaccines are beneficial and should be given with caution, this is what I have come to believe. Then there are those who feel that all


Natural Vaccine Against Seasonal Flu

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During the period of colds and viruses we certainly need to strengthen our immune system. Here is what you need in order to prepare the natural vaccine.  Ingredients Needed: 1 lemon 200 ml of 100% natural honey 1 ginger root Method of Preparation: Chop the ginger and lemon into small pieces then put them in a blender and mix. Afterwards, add the honey and mix again. Transfer the resulting mixture in a clean glass jar, which you need to cover with a lid, and store it