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Marijuana Helps Smokers Cope with Negative Emotions, New Study Finds

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When it comes to marijuana, there are many different patterns of usage. For those who smoke on a regular basis, there may be surprising reasons for this frequency. In fact, the reason may just be that marijuana smokers encounter less negative feelings when partaking of this herb. The reason for the reduction in negative feelings is the chemical THC. This chemical actually increases the serotonin levels in the brain, thus bringing on the “happy” and relaxed feeling that marijuana is well known for. There is, however


5 Things You Can Do Each Day That Will Help You Recover From Depression

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I’m big on personal development (PD), and one of my favorite concepts is the Slight Edge Principle, because it helped me recover from depression. The Slight Edge Principle begins with the premise that every day, we’re all faced with relatively simple decisions to make. Then, it goes on to say that successful people make good simple daily decisions because they realize that in the long run, doing so will result in them prospering. On the other hand, it states that unsuccessful people don’t make good


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