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7 Priceless Things That Money Will Never Be Able To Buy

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I love money – as we all do. Yet, money isn’t everything. There are things in life that are much more important than money itself, or anything that money is capable of buying. The reality is that even though we live in a capitalist world, the most valuable things in life come without a price tag. This is important to keep in mind as more and more people every year seem to be losing sight of this fact. Money cannot buy you everything. Here are


10 Reasons Why You Should Never Get a Job

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It’s normal to assume that once you leave college or reach a certain age, you should get a job. But just because everybody does get a job, it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. Here are a few reasons why: 1. You get what you work for. When you get a job, you’re usually only paid for the time that you actually work. But why not get paid for the hours that you’re not working too? Why not find a way to be making


How To Start Making Money Doing What You Love

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In my seven years as a corporate banking analyst, I was trying to fit into a box that was totally out of alignment with my values. I always knew there was something deeper within me to share with the world. I longed for connection and meaning. I wanted to be appreciated for exactly who I am. The corporate banking world felt empty. The more I learned to fit into it, the more money I made. I wasn't encouraged to be me, but rather who they