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Proven by Science: You Can Actually Change Your DNA and Here’s How

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DNA generally can’t be changed, right? We are the way we are, we have a set genetic makeup that we can’t alter? Wrong. The science of epigenetics (the study of how environmental factors outside of DNA influence changes in gene expression) have proved that stem cells and DNA can possibly be altered. This can be done through magnetic fields, heart coherence, positive mental states, and intention. Curbing the genetic victim mentality Despite what you may previously believe, our DNA is not the sole determinant for our


5 Apps To Help You Manage Your Life

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For many people, apps have become part of life, even without realizing many people use apps nearly every day for a plethora of reasons, from listening to music on the go to play games and automating their homes. Apps are extremely useful, but can they go beyond being useful, can they actually help you to manage your life, saving you time, increasing productivity and making life generally less stressful. We will look at several apps that claim that’s exactly what they do. If you like


5 Amazing Health Benefits of Meditation, According to Scientific Studies

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It is a wide-known fact that meditation is a powerful tool against stress, fatigue and anxiety, but did you know that it has some amazing health benefits? However, numerous scientific studies have shown that mindfulness meditation not only makes you relaxed and helps you unleash your inner potential but also significantly benefits your health and affect your body on a physical and even genetic level. 5 Ways Meditation Benefits Your Physical Health 1. Meditation rebuilds your brain The results of a study at Harvard Medical


How to use Mindfulness Meditation to get a Better Night’s Sleep

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The Buddhist practice of mindfulness meditation has been increasingly adopted by the western world as evidence of its benefit has spread. As well as hundreds of years of endorsement by the Buddhist monks who utilize mindfulness meditation on a daily basis, western medicine has conducted empirical research into mindfulness meditation that shows how it can be beneficial for us all on a practical level in our everyday lives. If you have never meditated before then the idea of trying it might be a bit abstract


5 Meaningful Methods of Meditation

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There’s a myriad of methods for meditation. Some are easy and some are difficult. All require daily practice to perfect. Here are five of the most popular methods of meditation and what they each bring to the Meditation Table. Here’s why You Should Mix them for Maximum Mindfulness. MINDFULNESS, OR SPIRITUAL METHOD: A most popular method comes from Buddhist meditation practice of Vipassana. It’s all about practicing detachment from each thought and being centered in the “here and now.” It focuses on situational awareness and


Just 25 Minutes Of Mindfulness Meditation Can Significantly Alleviate Stress

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American scientists studied the effects of mindfulness meditation on stress levels and came to the conclusion that just three consecutive days of 25-minute meditation can significantly alleviate stress. The technique of mindfulness meditation has helped many people to improve the overall state of their mind and body. However, until now, most studies have been mainly focused only on the therapeutic effects of long-term meditation practice. New research at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for the first time, demonstrates that brief sessions of mindfulness meditation


The Connection Between Food and Soul

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“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.” – Adelle Davis Have you had moments where you have eaten enough food but you end up feeling like you haven’t eaten anything at all? Or you get hunger pangs at odd hours in spite of eating meals on time? This is because the food you eat isn’t fulfilling the kind of energy your body and soul requires. Whatever food


10 Ways to Add Mindful Moments to Your Day

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Busyness is the norm in most people’s lives! People are racing from task to task without a pause. It is like being on a treadmill without being able to shut it off. Then we wonder why stress is rampant in society. Cultivating a mindfulness practice can provide a way to take small breaks during your hectic day thus reducing your stress levels. Reducing your stress levels and slowing yourself down are also great ways to be more productive, healthy and happy. Mindfulness is a form


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