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Differences Between Men and Women Perfectly Captured in Funny Comics

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Comics are the best at showing the funny side of the differences between men and women. In the beginning, God created men, and then women. We have various versions of this legendary epic ‘reality’ archived in literary and holy transcripts from the stone to iron ages. The common saying has been acknowledged “Women are from Venus and men are from Mars” rings true in the sensation of everyday wake up alarms. Alley Oop created in 1933 about prehistoric cave inhabitants. The comic strip related the


This Is What the Perfect Male Body Looks Like to Both Men and Women

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The media has changed the way we think, talk, eat, walk, dress or, simply put, the way we live. This is not bound to change anytime soon particularly with other media avenues cropping up. Change is inevitable but still, there are lots of garbage that we pick from these media platforms without even knowing. A good example is what is deemed attractive or unattractive. You may be thinking that body looks are only a feminine issue but you thought wrong! Apparently, men have also been