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Wedding Photographer Turns Newly Married Couples into Miniatures

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Ekkachai Saelow is a very creative photographer and invented a new way to portray funny and romantic pictures of newly married couples. The invention of digital cameras marked the beginning of an era in which almost anyone who figures out how to operate a photo the camera can call themselves a photographer. Innovation in the field of wedding photography is rare and almost all photographers choose to use the well-established set of rules. This approach produces unimaginative pictures that usually show people staring at a


How to Keep Love and Passion Alive in Your Marriage

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Many of us hit the dead end in our marriage after a couple of years due to a variety of reasons. The most common one is taking each other for granted because it has been ingrained in our minds that once we get hitched it is the beginning of one’s happily ever after. If this was indeed the case then most marriages today wouldn’t end in divorce or couples would not be forced to visit a therapist who would help them save their marriage. More


Marriage: Do You Make These Social Media Mistakes?

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While social media is often viewed as a way to make new friends with people you have something in common with, a mounting body of evidence is accumulating that social media is bad for people in a relationship. Things can get even worse for those who are married because their social media mistakes may trigger suspicion, stir up arguments, and even be grounds for a divorce. Although it may sound rather extreme to say that social media can precipitate a divorce, divorce lawyer Stephen Bishop explains


How To Find Relationship Happiness

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While marriage and relationship happiness may not be the first priority for everyone, for many people, that is the ideal outcome. These things are part of the major steps in life. Your first major steps came when you took your first steps. Then you graduated high school, maybe even graduated college, and hopefully followed that with your dream career. These life steps don't always happen in a particular order. Maybe you meet the perfect man, have the baby, then get married. Maybe you buy the house after