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5 Signs Getting Married Is More Important for You Than Genuine Happiness

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Many people dream of getting married from a young age. There is still a huge societal pressure to tie the knot, whether you're single or in a relationship. Could the idea of getting married be getting in the way of your happiness? If you're single and heading towards thirty, you'll know it's near impossible to attend a family function without someone inquiring about when you're getting married. But is marriage more important to you than being genuinely happy?  Are you worried that if you remain single


Profound Marriage Advice Revealed by a Divorced Man

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You may be thinking, what marriage advice could a divorcee give? But read on, you will be pleasantly surprised with what this divorced man has to say about maintaining a successful marriage. Here are sixteen pieces of marriage advice that if you are married, will help your marriage last the tests of time. If you aren’t married, it will give you some insight into how to sustain a healthy relationship. Gerald Rogers’s marriage ended in divorce, he lost the love of his wife but he


8 Reasons Why Men Cheat on the Women They Love

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Many women wonder why men cheat on their wives and girlfriends even if they still love them. Let’s explore the possible reasons for being unfaithful. Nothing feels worse than being cheated and lied to by someone you love very dearly. People who get cheated on feel enraged, frustrated, disappointed, and broken. Both men and women can be unfaithful. However, according to statistics, men are more likely to cheat on their spouses, girlfriends, and partners than women are. Women are extremely sensitive and when being cheated,


Differences Between Men and Women Perfectly Captured in Funny Comics

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Comics are the best at showing the funny side of the differences between men and women. In the beginning, God created men, and then women. We have various versions of this legendary epic ‘reality’ archived in literary and holy transcripts from the stone to iron ages. The common saying has been acknowledged “Women are from Venus and men are from Mars” rings true in the sensation of everyday wake up alarms. Alley Oop created in 1933 about prehistoric cave inhabitants. The comic strip related the


What Life after Marriage Is Actually Like, Captured in 5 Cute Illustrations

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These cute illustrations capture in an amazing way how life after marriage is totally different than before marriage. Many believe that once you tie the knot, life begins. That there are no more arguments, no more drama and life is pretty much perfect. However, things do change, it may only be a piece of paper and a ring, but life after marriage is way different than before, even if it’s just little ones. These illustrations cheekily suggest how marriage changes things: 1. Bed hogging Bed hogging is


Here Is Why Being Single Is not Always a Bad Thing

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Being single sometimes can mean an easier and happy life. Single people are too often stereotyped and stigmatized. You may be surprised, but a lot of people actually choose to remain single. We tend to pity those without a partner and encourage them not to give up; we tell them that they will find true love and be happy with someone. But they really need our pity?! Did you know, that, for example, in the USA there are more unmarried people aged 16 and older than there


Wedding Photographer Turns Newly Married Couples into Miniatures

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Ekkachai Saelow is a very creative photographer and invented a new way to portray funny and romantic pictures of newly married couples. The invention of digital cameras marked the beginning of an era in which almost anyone who figures out how to operate a photo the camera can call themselves a photographer. Innovation in the field of wedding photography is rare and almost all photographers choose to use the well-established set of rules. This approach produces unimaginative pictures that usually show people staring at a


How to Keep Love and Passion Alive in Your Marriage

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Many of us hit the dead end in our marriage after a couple of years due to a variety of reasons. The most common one is taking each other for granted because it has been ingrained in our minds that once we get hitched it is the beginning of one’s happily ever after. If this was indeed the case then most marriages today wouldn’t end in divorce or couples would not be forced to visit a therapist who would help them save their marriage. More


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