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20 Things You Should Stop Letting People Do to You

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This is a person’s life and sometimes they need to take a stand. Even though they have no control over the things done to them, they can choose not to be lessened by them. They can decide not to let the opinions and actions of others occupy their mind and heart. They have control over who they stand beside and who to let go. When others push their views, remember that these views do not have to be accepted. Now is the time to follow


Feeling Stuck In Life? 11 Lies You Tell Yourself to Avoid Life Changes

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Here you sit, pretty miserable and alone, feeling stuck in life and knowing that you need to make some changes. Your job has gotten beyond stressful; your relationship is on the rocks; you gained back all 40 pounds that you tried so hard to lose; your best friend and confidant has moved away. But you don’t move. Why are you feeling stuck in life? Well, it’s because you are telling yourself some pretty powerful lies about not having what it takes to make those changes.


Break-ups Are More Painful for Men and Here Is Why

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We’ve all been through one or more break-ups, whether it was an amicable parting or a crushing, heartbreaking loss. However, we’re about to break the stereotype that men handle break-ups better than women. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. A recent study in Evolutionary Behavioural Sciences has found that men are actually more vulnerable to long-term distress following a break-up than women. In a study of around 5,705 participants from 96 countries, it was found that whilst women experience intense pain immediately after a break-up,


6 Things You Should Start Doing Before Your 30s

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Normally people think that one needs to know whom s/he wants to become after graduation from the school that one needs to give birth to a child in her 20's, something that one needs to become somebody big and important before turning 30. Parents teach us to think this way from the early childhood and as a result of such stereotypes, in case a person does not happen to implement in life all of the above, s/he feels as if there is something wrong about


7 Powerful Illustrations That Will Make You Rethink Today’s Society

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Real life isn’t always what we expect - sometimes it’s satirically hilarious, sometimes depressingly honest. Artist Eduardo Salles has created powerful illustrations, comical and in-depth, that give more insight into the truth of life. Our life, compared to human relationship and desire, can be divided between what we love, what we want and what we actually have. For instance, what we need, want and have could totally contradict each other. 5 Finger Personalities Speaking of relationships, our fingers each represent close acquaintances with unique personality traits.


This Social Experiment With 5 Monkeys Explains How Human Society Works

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This thought-provoking social experiment with 5 monkeys reveals the true nature of human behavior and explains a lot about our society. A group of scientists placed 5 monkeys in a cage and in the middle, a ladder with bananas on the top. Every time a monkey went up the ladder, the scientists soaked the rest of the monkeys with cold water. After a while, every time a monkey went up the ladder, the others beat up the one on the ladder. After some time, no


6 Life Lessons I Already Know, But Keep Forgetting

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My definition of truth is “something you keep stumbling into, again and again, in different forms.” I, like most people, spent most of my life wanting a quick fix for my suffering. My biggest epiphany (and greatest disillusionment) was when I realized that all the life lessons I’d learned, all of the epiphanies I’d had about my healing and happiness, would have to be relearned again and again. Though I’ve seen the truth, I keep losing it and, then, having to find it again. I


5 Rules For Being Human

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Being human is not always easy. We have to pretend we are interested in things we are not for the sake of social convention. There is a socially acceptable way to eat, speak, and behave. And heaven forbids we should ever dress inappropriately. That could literally end you up in prison. From the minute we are born, we are piled on with conditionings imposed upon us from our society that shape our behavior and our mentality. We live in a strange world where being authentically