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6 Unhealthy Thoughts That Are Holding You Back

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When you find yourself stressed out, unable to think straight, make your own decisions or you are simply unable to move forward, more often than not, it is the clutter in your mind that holds you back. More precisely, the unhealthy thoughts in our heads govern our lives! We all have a voice in our heads, sometimes it’s the ‘good’ voice that keeps us from harm or encourages us to do the right thing, but most times, that voice can also be very irritating; relentlessly


7 Surprising Effects of Masterminding

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One of the most frustrating situations, regardless of the kind of work you do, is when you put in the effort, and then get nothing in return as a result. Perhaps, the reason why you’re not successful or why you are stagnating is because you are working alone. The days when a single person could change the world are long gone. Today, it is all about being a part of a team! Working with other people as a group can help you obtain a new


8 Effective Tips to Become an Open-minded Person

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Do you always stick to your own way of thinking and concerned about getting criticism from others? Then you are at the right place. This is an article to provide you tips on how to become an open-minded person. You will never find a person who is open-minded about anything that comes in their way. None of us is completely open-minded and at the same, you are not narrow-minded as well. But you can help yourself in a better way to not become further narrow-minded


The Season Of Rebirth Is Upon Us: How to Become a New You

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With summer right around the corner, it is time to shed off the old you, and let the new you get some fresh air. But after all of these false starts, how can one just reinvent themselves in one short season? Easy. There are several things you can do that will make you a happier, healthier individual, and now is the best time to start. 1. Learn Something New Summer is the best time to travel as thousands of people are out of school and


3 Steps to Improve More by Learning Less

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What a world we live in. The information age, as it’s being called, provides us with exactly that: information. For better or for worse, any question we have, any answer we require, or any ailment we’re trying to cure, is at our fingertips. I mentioned that all this information could be for worse, but how is that so? How can more data and facts be a bad thing? Ah, well, with more information comes more opinions, and with more opinions comes a more convoluted message


5 Vital Tips for a Better Memory

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The older we get, the less we are able to remember (unless you’re so young you can’t remember anything, but whose keeping track?). This is not uncommon and becomes more apparent through old age. So, there may be times where you go to do something, and suddenly forget what you were going to do, or maybe you learned something, and within an instant, that information was lost. This is not uncommon but becomes more of an issue as your age increases (apparently). As a result, here


3 Breathtaking Things to Know About Your Brain and Memory

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Have you ever been in a situation where you question what you ate for dinner last night, and literally cannot recall? After minutes of pondering, sometimes it may click whereas other times a friend or family member may have to remind you of the food you ate, or you have to think of something which symbolizes the food. For example, maybe you ate roast lamb (sorry vegans!) and see a lamb on television which triggers your memory of you eating lamb – only if, for whatever


Top 5 Paradoxes of Learning – Is Your Usual Method Backfiring?

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Sometimes we charge into learning something new full of excitement. But as the weeks go by, our passions sometimes fly away. What seemed exciting at first can grow tedious—even frustrating. Why? Because we aren’t aware of the fundamental paradoxes of learning! Surprisingly often, the very things that we should be doing can also end up getting in our way. Here’s a roadmap to help you be aware of the paradoxical pitfalls of learning, and how to avoid them. • Persistence: We’re often told that to


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